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Passion for taking photos,good photography subjects

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1 month ago

Every time I have the opportunity, I am happy to find a good subject to photograph,such as flowers, animals, sunsets, landscapes

I always like to take pictures of flowers, especially those that have more intense colors, but the better the subject, the more difficult it is sometimes to take a good picture.

To be able to find the right angle and the right moment,when the wind blows it is complicated yes you can manage a clear picture even if in the end you catch a good angle the wind changes everything and the picture comes out blurry or weak qualitatively,and so you have to repeat the process sometimes, 5, 6 times until you manage a photo that will satisfy you


Sometimes you are lucky and these butterflies give you a few moments only good to be able to take a photo, especially if you manage to get close enough to come on your hand, you quickly take a picture with the hope that it will come out well and sometimes surprising even if you do it in the record comes out perfectly


Of course my favorite subject anytime is an intense, colorful sunset, where all you have to do is just catch the best angles,if these birds also appear and you have a good view of a lake where the sunset is reflected then everything is absolutely perfect,but also a sunset landscape depending on what exists in that landscape can turn a sunset into something of a dream

Architecture is another favorite subject that I am always happy to meet and I can take some photos that matched with a clear blue sky above will look spectacular that architecture,I like architecture as much as you want in any season you can if you can find the right place.and at night the architecture together with the lighting can create fantastic photos

Forget what I mean by how lighting creates colors and highlights the beauty and pleasing shape of architecture.,everything seems to be more pleasant and more impressive at night,

Even the sky with the sun in broad daylight can provide a splendid subject to photographed when you catch the right moment a right place or a good angle,and there are a lot of good subjects to photograph, just time and I want to take pictures of you, or the right opportunity on your way, as always happens to me

Thank you for taking the time to read this article,if you liked it leave a like it is gratis😄

At least with your appreciation, if Rusti decided not to visit me again,I think I made some mistakes due to lack of experience and here you don't have a second chance you are penalized and you're done😄

A pleasant weekend to all friends possible this is the last post and in conclusion thank you all for your support and for what you taught me

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Written by   16
1 month ago
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Your photos are amazing, you are professional and talented. The informations about taking photos are very interesting. Happy weekend Mihhai.

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1 month ago