My friend was left by her mother

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Hello everyone, welcome to my new post.

I have to admit that this story is quite sad and that it may bring tears to the eyes of some of you.

My school friend lost her mother, her mother left yesterday.

How did it all happen? Yesterday around 5 pm a friend called me all in tears and asked me to come to her to apologize and give her some comfort I asked her what happened she told me just come and I will tell you everything.

I immediately got dressed and dressed and went to her she lives only one street away from me, I went to her and when I came she was really crying and pensive.

My friend's name is Sandra I asked her well Sandra tell me what happened? why are you crying and when she started talking I was speechless and tears came to my eyes because my emotions worked, and I am quite an emotional person.

My friend's mother's name is Marina she is 42 years old my friend's father's name is Milan he is 45 years old.

Sandra started telling me what happened and why her mother Marina left, about a month ago Sandra's mother got a new touch phone from her husband for the first time in her life and made a Facebook account for the first time.

Nobody knew that Marina had Facebook and Sandra's dad was a businessman and he had almost never been home for work lately, so Marina used that to create a Facebook account and start corresponding with some guys from Facebook.

Marina was persuaded by a neighbor who has been cheating on her husband for over 3 years with others via Facebook.

Marina started corresponding with a guy who is much younger than her they corresponded for almost 6 months after 6 months they saw each other, when they saw each other since then it became serious, Marina Sandra's mother fell in love with the younger boy and after a few sightings and slept together they had sexual intercourse but without protection and Sandra's mother Marina became pregnant with a younger boyfriend and no one knew that neither Sandra her daughter nor Milan Marina's husband.

Sandra's mother was pregnant for 4 months and she fell in love with that boy and she decided to leave my friend her daughter Sandra and her husband Milan and remarry, but for a much younger boyfriend because she is carrying his child.

Marina decided to leave her big daughter and a successful wonderful marriage.

My friend Sandra Marina's daughter, when she found out, couldn't stand it and cried out loud because it was her mother and unfortunately her mother turned out to be a corrupt person and still left her husband and child.

Sandra's dad tried to get Marina back to his wife because of Sandra's daughter but Marina didn't want to and so unfortunately it all happened.

So Sandra called me and told me all this and asked for consolation from me. toga.

However, Marina's older wife is 42 years old and she chose a younger boyfriend for her husband, which is a great shame and disgrace.

So now Milan is left without a wife and my friend Sandra without her mother Marina.

Thank you for reading the post until next time.

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I don't know what to say, my friend. That is terrible to torn apart family for some love or sexual adventure, but, as we can see it is almost normal that today. That can't be right. People lost morale today and don't rise real and warm values that are priceless, such as family, and families love, sacrifice, and unity that holds that elementary cell of every society.

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