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Tomino's Hell - Japanese Urban Legends

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5 months ago

Late 90s Saturday nights in the outskirts of London, England, from 7 to 10 p.m, the underground solutions show on it was prime time, and the program had a huge and loyal following that tuned in each week to listen to the bizarre mix of ambient tunes experimental music and general commentary in banter.

On June 13, 1997, a horrible incident occurred at the station to which there were no witnesses, and the events that took place could only be pieced back together from the show's tape recordings at 7 pm; the show began as usual after the ambient zone with the presenter of that program exiting the station and leaving the host of the underground solution alone.

It was the last time anyone ever saw Jarvis alive. For the next 90 minutes, an electric mix of random noises was conveyed across the airwaves; that was until the phone rang, and Jarvis had received his first call of the night

The caller spoke curtly, "you should have received my letter today. Why won't you read it?" Jarvis was confused "what letter i didn't receive any letter, liar!" the voice spat back "is this how you treat your loyal fans?", "wait for a second," Jarvis stated, and then the line went dead.

He stared at the console before apologizing to his listeners and then asked them to stay tuned for the new music ahead. When he heard a crash from the station offices, he turned the music back up and went to investigate

He called out once, then twice, with no reply, before turning the light on and making his way down the hallway towards the offices

He turned another corner and called out again, without reply, before flicking the light switch on and quickly scanning the room. There was no one there; there was, however, a large stack of records on the floor that had fallen off a desk, and as he approached them to pick them up, another stack fell to the ground, nearly giving him a heart attack.

He laughed and then grabbed a bunch of them. As he did so, he noticed out of the corner of his eye a letter in his pigeonhole, when Jarvis was sure wasn't there when he came in or was it?

Returning to the desk just as the song ended, he faded out the music and flicked the microphone back on. He then told the listeners that the previous caller was correct. He had indeed received some mail. Tearing it open, he noticed that there was no return address and that the paper stock it was written on appeared to be handmade like old Japanese washi paper.

He informed his listeners that it looked like someone had sent him a poem entitled Tomino's Hell, his eyes scanned it, and he quickly realized that this was no ordinary poem. It was horrific, and he read the first verse to give his listeners a taste of its tone.

The Elder Sister Vomits Blood

Younger Sister Breathes Fire

While Sweet Little Tomino Spits Up The Jewels

He then stopped and asked them for a quick poll by calling in if they wanted to hear more; he said a song to play while continuing to read the rest of the poem to himself. It was disgusting, shocking, and pure evil.

It seemed. However, something compelled him to go on as he sat back in his chair,r his switchboard rapidly lit up, and he was pulled out of his trance and was convinced his listeners wanted to hear more

He answered a few calls, and every one of them begged to hear the poem; all by one; a lady's voice, almost in tears, pleaded with him not to read it aloud on air; she explained that the poem was based on an old Japanese curse and that if read out aloud Jarvis would surely die and his soul would suffer eternally in hell

Jarvis thought this was hilarious. The lady was now in a panic and tried desperately to warn him of the horrible repercussions before he laughed her off and hung up; Jarvis then went on to read the poem in its entirety that night, and what happened next will never fully be explained

Over the next hour, an unprecedented amount of unfortunate events occurred in the city of London. However, it was never confirmed just how many of the victims had been listeners of the show. It was written off as a mere coincidence by the authorities; however, in the months that followed, the general public could not understand how so many people from so many walks of life could fall ill and have horrible accidents. Some even die in such awful ways so quickly.

The radio broadcast had fallen silent soon after the reading of the poem that night, and Jarvis himself was found deceased at his desk, his entire head severed off with such clean precision it still baffles medical professionals to this day. The poem he had read aloud, well, that was not found at the scene; it had vanished without a trace.

A week later, after a brief hiatus, the station came back on air and continued to broadcast with the host of the show that was once before Jarvis's taking over the primetime slot of 7 to 10, never once failing to open the show in Jarvis's memory by reading a brief prayer from his notebook made from old Japanese washi paper.

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Written by   2
5 months ago
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I saw this same story in youtube and its good for me.

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5 months ago