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1 year ago

Wassup my favorite humans? Are you okay? I know sometimes I'm so stupid to not give you a little bit of my attention. I'm sorry if sometimes I shouted at you, I'm so sorry when I'm not acting rationale, I'm sorry if I've been a bad daughter to you.

This letter is dedicated to you mom and dad, I barely show to both of you my love as your daughter, I'm the blacksheep of the family they say hahaha the middle child is always the one who do stupidest things I heard when you were talking to our relatives, I'm so used to it that sometimes I just show them what they were telling, and forgive me for doing things that hurts you.

I'm just writing this because I couldn't say it in person, this is just the only way for me to get even a little bit of ease, I haven't have the courage sometimes to say sorry when I did wrong, but I know you already forgave me. You're that one of a kind a constant humans in my life.

The first time I cried,

The first time I crawl,

The first time I say my first word,

The first time I stand and walk,

And the first time I fall

Even I fall you are there, you were always there, when things get rough, I shut people down but I know even I did it, you still coming up to my room and trying to make me feel better, when I never felt like talking you still there, you protect me in public and you correct me in private.

I love it when you wait for me during dinner nights even my sister was so angry because ypu don't let them to eat without me, and I'm always like that going late came from I dont know where, of course you nag me and that's my favorite part to be nag by my parents, it just shows that you really love and care for me.

Thank you for being the greatest mom and dad for me and if I would be given another chance to live my second life, I would do everything just to be you daugter again. I've been trying to find a words to say but it's just I'm lost for words to describe how lucky am I to have a parents like you.

I love you both. Thanks for the unconditional love you always showed me. I promised I will grow up just like the person you always wanted me to be. You shaped me nicely to be in this world. Because of you I exist.

Thank you!

This is just so random I've been missing my mom and dad even though I always seen them, it's like we never had the chance to have a proper conversation. I'm too busy on my stuff I dont even realized that when I'm getting older they also are, so please give quality time with your parents while they are still there, you'll never know life can be so surprising. Cherish the moments with them. That's all goodnight everyone!

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1 year ago


What a lovely letter! I'm sure, when your parents read this, their hearts will melt in joy. 💕

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1 year ago

Thank you dear!

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