Mental Health day

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2 years ago

Today is world mental health day

Hello everyone

Happy world's mental health day, hope everyone's here having a good time, spending with their family, someone, special someone, friends, and especially themselves.

This day we are celebrating the world mental health day, this day we need to validate the importance of our mental hate, actualy it should always be prioritize always not just today but everyday.

I know some of us are feeling down sometimes, maybe because of lack of sleep, lack of happiness in life, we're struggling just to survive another day of living in this world, but even all of these things that we feel and experience, we still survive the day, and that's a big thing to celebrate and to be proud off.

Every day struggles even if it small or big we still think of it before we go to sleep, we tend to over think things, but guys I just want you to just ask yourself sometimes if...

"are you still fine?"

"did you still take care of your mental health?"

"are you still making yourself happy?"

"are you sure on what you're doing is fine?"

"did you still enjoy what you were doing?"

Or you just faking all of this cause you're afraid of judgements...

Guys give time to take evaluate, validate, and take care of yourself too,

It's lucky if you have someone to share your struggle too,

Someone who will listen,

Someone who will care and don't judge

Yet, it's still okay if you don't have that someone cause I just want you to kmow that I'm still here, even though we not know each other you're free to talk and released all unsaid words you are hiding, I'm here and ready to listen hehez, it's okay I won't tell no soul, and I won't judge, you know I believe in the phrase that it's better to talk and share your pain and struggles to a strangers, cause they don't know you, and they won't judge, and I could be yhat stranger.

I just want you to know that you're not alone, and you have me, and also God, talk to him if everything gets hard, have faith in him.

I just want to say that I'm so happy that you are still existing in this world, you're still reading this, if somethings going wrong, please just think that this is just a bad day, and there's alway a better things going for you tomorrow,

It's just a bad day, not a bad life

I hope you bring back yourself who's cheerful and positive person, I hope you like again the thi gs you once love to do, I hope everything became okay again, I hope you take care of your mental health again

Despite of everything happened in your life be proud to yourself that you are still here, cause me I'm peoud of you.

Don't be afraid to seek help if you needed, don't be scared to feel the pain, feel it and after that be sure that you rest and will fight again, it's okay to not be okay sometime, but don't forget to take care of your mental health

Always remember you are important, you are appreciated, you are you and don't let anyone or anything take it away from you.

There's nothing wrong on loving and prioritizing yourself, self love is not being a selfish. Because if you know how to love yourself, happiness will come next, and people will learn to love you.

Mental health is important, we should always be aware, so this world become a better place.

Take your time to give yourself a time to appreciate what you've done.

Celebrate every small thing, celebrate every existence...

Always protect your own solace, and prioritize your mental health, because you are important

Happy world mental health day again everyone

Take care always :)

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2 years ago


Had no idea about that day. But now I have this article. Helpful for me.

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2 years ago

Just saw it through my friends timeline in Twitter and I came up to write this hehez, anyway thanks for reading.

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2 years ago