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I wish there is a shortcut to where you are

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4 months ago

"In the blink of an eye, I never got to say goodbye"

This libretto from the song that can be heard by now in this four corners of our place, this one hits me and now I'm longing for someone that I really missed and wishing that I could go back in time where I could spend my simple afternoon like this with her, having a random conversation and a cup of coffee with laughters echoing at this room...

I missed her, I missed the person that gives me so much time, love, care that I needed back then, my safety person, my solace and my bestfriend, I missed my aunt, I know back then I wrote something about her on my past articles l, I just read it last time and the emotions never change it still the same longing and hurt, tears clouded the corner of my eyes, even with a smile on my face I still can't stop thinking and missing her, I just... I want her to talk to me, or maybe visit me even in my dreams,

I know this is a normal feeling and it hards specially when there's this moment that you are supposedly doing stuffs with that person that is now no longer in this lifetime, and the void of emotions just eating you alive and you can't do anything just to look at those old photographs and look back on those moments that you're with them... And honestly it's not helpful because it just put more on wanting to be with them again like it used to before...

You know the pain of leaving without saying a goodbye... That's a torture and I know that's just life is but the pain of leaving permanently without bidding goodbyes, and just a blink of an eye, they are no longer at the place you are breathing in, and you can't find the right words to say and just cry...

There's this times where you will just suddenly wanted to hear their voices,

Their laughters,

Their talks,

You wanted to see their smile, and the sudden crease on their forehead when they are so serious on something...

You just miss their advices, their jokes, your moments with them,

You just missed their presence beside you, yet it will never be the same again because they are now gone and acceptance is the only way to move forward however we know that they are always be there for us even we can't see them, they can see us from a far and I know they will just be there guiding us... And I know that one day you'll be reunite again...

I don't need comforts and assurance from other people when it comes to this kind of feeling but if they did, then I'll appreciate it, but its the best that they just dont need to talk about it, I just wanted to let this all out again in my writing, I don't know and I don't like opening up this kind of emotions to any people even with my family, I tend to shut them out and I know they understand that, still I'm grateful for them...

I know this may sound cliché yet cherished every moment with your love ones no matter what happens, because we don't know what life would will brought us, so love them, give time, take care of them, and always makes them feel your love, because no one knows when you're gonna see them last...

To my aunt,

A simple letter from you, I love you and missed you so much, I missed our moments and bond together, you are my partner in crime, when my parents nags me you're my shield and savior, you spoiled me so I was used to being like that hehez love you aunt, I hope you're doing well, I'm listening to the song and that's put salt on my wounds again... The lyrics just so heart wrenching, hope I'll see you in my dreams so that I could gave you a big hug, I really missed you...take care and see we will reunite one day.

Just like these lyrics of the song...

"You were always there, Like a shining light, On my darkest days, You were there to guide me, Oh I miss you now"

I missed you and I love you my dearest angel.

That will be all for now, this feeling shall passed I hope we all be feed those hunger of longing that often visits us on the unexpected days on the unexpected time, may we be with someone presence again in another lifetime, this longing and missing is a part of life but always remember that we shouldn't be taking it as a hinder to pursuing and going on with our life, parting is sometimes the best way for us to growth as a better individual...

This is those times where I called it soft hours, I'm just here at my mom's favorite couch, having a coffee at midst of this hot afternoon, while the speakers play my playlist and now I'm currently listening to gone to soon by simple plan and the lyrics just relates me while writing this one...

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Oh enough with emotional moments hehez happy Thursday my dearest skies, hope you all enjoying your day, take care and alaways keep yourself hydrated, enjoy the rest of the day guys:-)

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Written by   112
4 months ago
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Kung pwede lang talaga bumalik sa time na magkakasama pa kami, for sure I will grab the opportunity. Ang sakit lang Kase huli na pala yun tapos di kayo aware🥺

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4 months ago

Worst goodbyes talaga yung unsaid, di man lang tayo aware sana pala sinagad sagad mo na yung bond na kasama sila, kung may shortcut lang talaga to visit them...

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4 months ago

That's sad.. Mukhang close kyo ng auntie mo..ako wala kaclose sa knila. But I missed my family so much 😢

$ 0.01
4 months ago

Sobrang close po, second parent ko na rin po kasi halos, hope you can bond to your family po.

$ 0.00
4 months ago