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Yuyu The spiritual detective #1 - Retro gaming - Talking with the death!-gameplay

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1 year ago

This is a publication of my entire authorship, which came out before here.

@manclar.gaming is my account exclusive for gaming only, and you can follow me on hive, or here, I will be publishing my advances on this game here too.

I am a gamer, many of you know me for being the legendary interviewer of the Rising Star game, but from now on I am going to keep this account in which I am going to dedicate myself to bringing you content exclusively from games especially from the old school, retro, those that we used to play in our Nintendos, Gameboy, etc and that we enjoy so much, I intend in this space to bring you my opinions of each one of them and enjoy together with you good moments.

I intend to make a series with each of the games that I find entertaining and that I enjoy and today I am going to start by bringing you: "Yuyu Hakusho The spiritual detective".

Spirit Detective Yu Yu Hakusho is a Game Boy Advance video game based on manga and anime of the same name created by Yoshihiro Togashi.

The main character is Yusuke Urameshi who we will have the pleasure to control to live the adventures that are nothing less than a teenage brawler who dies trying to save the life of a child, and then he finds himself immersed in the spiritual world after having a conversation with his death with which she makes the exchange and gives him a second chance at life playing the role of a spiritual detective, thus protecting the world of the living.

Through the game, we can handle different characters which makes it very attractive, and I think it is something very interesting.

The game is practically based on discovering clues and completing various objectives collecting items while we are fighting with different enemies and sometimes of course the final bosses.

This game comes to us thanks to the collaboration and development of Sensory Sweep Studios and Screaming Games in an agreement with Atari. So this is my point of view is completely classic.

The critics did not favor this game much but here I bring them to enjoy it together, so without further ado, we begin.

The first thing we see in the older retro style of the Game Boy (what happened is one of the things I like the most), is the screen to enter our name, so we immediately do it, it has big fonts and it helps with easy reading, so it was very comfortable for me.

And we find the introduction where our protagonist begins to talk with his mother.

And since he is a rascal he tells him that he is very tired and that he should stop going to school today because he hates him, after having a fun discussion with her mother, we went to the first action of the game

We are told that we must always follow the compass that is in the lower-left corner of the screen and we are told that our objective is to find Kuwabara.

Then we began to explore and everything was very good until a few meters from the house we began to get some characters that did start to attack us and of course, we have to defend ourselves, so of course, we have to defend, as we are kittens harassing claws and has scratching !.

We have a red bar that indicates the amount of life we ​​have and also a yellow one where we can see the life that our enemies have left.

When enemies are defeated they leave us some kinds of energy balls that fill us up with our health.

After traveling a short distance we find ourselves in an open area that seems to be a city where we are approached by two of what seem to be litigation seekers, so of course, we fight just for pleasure.

We continue walking, and we find a child who is playing dangerously in the middle of the street, and in our desire to protect him because we see that a car is going to run him over, we do not launch to rescue him, resulting in the loss of our life.

And when we wake up from the shock of being run over we find ourselves in a rather gloomy place full of mist and everything looks quite sinister.

We are amazed, and we do not know what the hell is happening and where this is, so we start looking for a way out, but the first thing we see is a very large and purulent egg that germinates sprouting begins to attack, of course, we only have to eliminate it to save ourselves.
It is a monster that has a lot of life, and it is difficult to eliminate it.

But even though we end up almost half-dead or better said without any life, the creature releases quite a few spheres of life, and we can recover.

And it is then that we get together with Botan, better known as the grim reaper or death, with whom we have a conversation, and she explains what is happening.

We are in the spiritual world and to be able to continue with "life" we have to run to tell a relative so that they do not cremate in our body and thus we have the opportunity to return and be able to see our beloveds ones.

For this, our next goal is to find our girlfriend and convince her that it is us, but before that, we need a new body and nothing more and nothing less we must incarnate in the body of our worst enemy.

Finding it is difficult, we are given a series of quite complex tasks as the game progresses, such as finding some qualifications that will help us to
pass an exam at school and are thrown the game map, this is more complicated than everything, because of how difficult it is to move around in this kind of labyrinth and having a time limit on top of it to be able to fulfill the tasks that assigned to us since if we do not fulfill these tasks we will not be able to preserve the body that we have already found.

And so far today's chapter of this game, which otherwise although its graphics are not spectacular, its plot is extremely interesting, and the possibility of playing with different characters is very entertaining.

This is a game of the year 2012 that I think is very good despite having received bad reviews from many people in the gamer community.

I appreciate your visit and if you like me to play something retro in particular, tell me, so I looked for it and I will gladly put it on the list of my publications, of course mentioning you my dear audience.

So do not forget to follow me so that notifications are activated when I publish these entertaining games.

A brofist! for you and see you in the next episode of the spiritual detective!

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Written by   213
1 year ago
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