Unveiling the Core Values: Wisdom for a Balanced Life

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4 months ago

Today I have started to reflect on the values that we have in life and it is that thanks to the exercise that is proposed to us for a friend live show, it led me to refresh several truths that are essential for me in life, and that more frequently the one I like, I lose sight of.

The exercise proposes to create a list of essential values for us in life, and I have taken on the challenge of thinking about it, to come to the conclusion that the 8 most important to me.

And they are these, in this order:

  1. Intelligence

  2. Happiness

  3. Creativity

  4. Authenticity

  5. Humor

  6. Gastronomy

  7. Coherence

  8. Empathy

I want to present my arguments or justification of why they are important to me:

To live with intelligence is to have, for me, guaranteed most of the things in life because indirectly it leads us to other benefits such as being able to have more happiness, to be able to have more comfort, to be able to have all the other points that I mention on my list, without the need for them to be in that same order of importance, being intelligent leads us all to be able to learn gastronomy, to have more empathy, to be coherent and above all to create a better world.

Happiness is to be able to feel fulfilled and complete with the way of life that you lead and with the work and activities that are done daily.
Happiness is to be able to have covered the basic vital needs such as clothing, food, roof, housing and it is also for me to be able to help other people to achieve their goals and to feel comfortable with the way of life that they lead.

Creativity, to live life with creativity forms a symbiosis with intelligence, to be creative means to find new ways to solve and face each of the situations that arise in life.

Creativity is fundamental so that life does not become routine and to be able to obtain each of the things, to be able to evolve as human beings and to have a world of the future, that dystopian world that we dream of so much.

Authenticity is to always be faithful to your principles, to react in a natural way and to always show the true face in all situations. In this way we will be able to generate trust in other people, in this way we will be able to create better bonds that will lead us to have a more pleasant scenario in our lives.

Humor, humor is a very important factor because it helps us to face life itself, it drives us and motivates us to feel younger, to feel alive and to be able to move forward with each of the things.

In addition, we create a positive environment that helps to balance all things in our lives and in the lives of people and by creating a favorable environment with humor and with joy, people feel motivated and move to do things better.

Gastronomy is a value that I always want present in my life because the flavor of a delicious meal and the taste of the cultural richness of other foods, of other cultures, enriches us.

It makes me feel like I'm traveling to other places when I try a delicious spaghetti alla bolognese or a delicious Italian pizza with basil and mozzarella cheese or try the exquisite Chinese food with lemon or a delicious Mexican spicy.

Gastronomy is a value that speaks to us about the culture of the countries and enriches us, motivates us to explore flavors that explode in the mouths of each one of us.

Coherence is an important value in my life because I must be faithful to the principles and demonstrate that I follow the principles that are important in my life that are represented in all these values that I have been commenting on. I must demonstrate coherence with the actions that I do.

Coherence also allows me to evaluate how coherent another person is in their procedure, between what they think and what they do, the actions they have. That is why coherence is so important and is such an important value in my life.

Empathy, the place to put myself in the place of other people and understand the situation that others live is very important to me because it shows me everything that I can appreciate and feel in the lives of other people.

And in this way I can help them and in this way I prepare myself for this possible situation that this other person is living.
Empathy helps me a lot to grow as a human being and at the same time it helps me to promote and solve the problems and improve the lives of other people.

I hope these reflections help you to understand my points of view, and also so that you dedicate some time to doing this type of reflective exercise, which helps you to clearly have a better focus on your objectives and to have a clearer mental map.

Thanks for reading, give me your opinion, and I'll be happy for us to interact.


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4 months ago


0) Wisdom
without which not much else matters.

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3 months ago

Wise election my friend!

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3 months ago

The ideal life I imagine about, is just living life in a relaxed manner, without selfish desires, but just living in the present, without worries. I don't actually wanna care if others would think my life is boring because I dislike challenges most of the time. It's okay, I just want to be happy, you know? It's a kind of life where I can enjoy morning coffee and waffles without thinking about deadlines at work; or just reading a healing book in silence without worrying about "wasted time".

I am someone who's constantly trying to incorporate "hustle" thing in my system, just for the sake of something I can say as my achievement, but deep inside, I want a laid-back kind of lifestyle, so I can just breathe in the actual reality—just not worrying about my future.

This might have strayed to the topic you shared, but I couldn't help revisiting these very personal thoughts after reading your piece. Hope you don't mind. :))

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4 months ago

It seems perfect to me, there is no problem for me, because this is an exercise that is very healthy, besides being very personal of course.

So take your time, you're welcome.

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3 months ago

What about love?

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4 months ago

Love is a value that comes derived from happiness, just like money and other values. I believe that through intelligence you achieve many other values.

This is a very interesting exercise, what are your values ​​in order of importance?

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4 months ago

1) Trust

2) Verity

3) Wisdom

4) Gratitude

5) Patience

6) Hope

7) Selflessness

8) Helpfulness

All this together I call love.

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3 months ago

Your list is very interesting, but I think wisdom is very close to patience, they are like codependents.

Also everything you mention is called "empathy", I have realized that you are a man with a good heart, from the way you act, the facts speak for themselves.

I hope that life has rewarded you (and continues to do so) for the way you are.

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3 months ago