The Woman in Red (Dream)

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4 months ago

Last night I found myself in a dark street with majestic trees looking down on me. The noise of the birds seemed more like they were yelling at me to proceed, to keep going.

They were little yellow birds, canaries with big eyes and very small beaks that looked at me from the tops of the trees.

The street was full of people, but all the people around were static as if time had stopped momentarily. It was like in one of those time travel movies.

Before me was a woman very similar to a new colleague that I met through these blockchain platforms. She had a white, smooth face, very pretty slanted eyes, and in my memory she was about 50 years old.

But in this dream that I am telling you, she seemed much younger.

She was the same person, but she had light tan shoulder length hair, a very pretty cherry red lip liner. And she was standing with a pose like a model looking at me from the side, without trying to seduce me or transmit anything in particular to me, but as if inviting me to ask her something.

What made me most curious is that she did not make any gestures with her face and that I turned to the left for a moment and saw the entire street completely desolate.

It was daytime and you could feel the sound of that characteristic beep when there is a lot of silence around you and there was silence, but not an artificial silence, it was like a magical silence.

A silence where all the atoms and particles stopped at that moment, except for this woman's and mine.

She was in front of a supermarket that is close to where I live and she was about three meters from there.

I couldn't feel any scent around me and the visuals I had were colors as if they were magical, it gave that sensation as if it were a new toy or a new book when you are taking it out, opening the bag, a very particular sensation and I wanted to get closer to her.

I really wanted to feel her need to hug her, but at the same time I didn't want to because I decided that it would be more satisfying for me to watch her and I just stood there looking at her.

And after this I woke up to notice that I was feeling quite excited and that she wanted to eat a mango.

And here the photo of the mango that I ate:


Image captured with my phone Krip 4b

This was the curious dream I had today, which I really don't understand, but I came here to tell you about it because it seems to me that it is somehow poetic and strange.

The dream world is something as tasty as mango.

I've also had other times when I've had much weirder and much more eccentric dreams. Some of them I have already told you about, but I think this is a subject that I am going to address in greater depth on other occasions.

I do not start looking for the meanings of these dreams, although I know perfectly well what they can mean and what they can represent for me. I simply like to tell them and share them with you as a curiosity, as part of that mystery that we human beings have.

And I as an observer of beauty and a man who likes to appreciate all poetry and all literature, I admire this kind of things a lot because for me they serve as inspiration to bring content to you.

Although I must say that not everything is as easy as it seems.

Getting to a point of creating these worlds and painting these dreams in the most vivid way, so that you take a journey and enjoy the experience as if you were inside a movie is a completely artistic task.

And that it can be perfected as I have achieved through many years. In my case more than 35 years.

And it's not just telling a story, a dream, or making them live, but the whole process that comes after.

At this point I find myself in the moment of putting a title to this dream or this anecdote that I am telling you and I really have no idea what title it will have, nor in which community I will be able to share this content (of course now you are seeing this in Mundo Onirico, but before writing all this, at this point I had no idea where I would publish it, it was after doing a search on Hive, that I found this interesting community and here I am sharing it).

This is part of the daily challenge that those of us who find ourselves in the task of creating content have to overcome, in my case to earn a living and also because I enjoy it a lot.

I chose this way of living.

Telling my stories and my stories to you fills me up, makes me happy. Knowing that they're going to be sitting here on the blockchain forever and that maybe someone in the far future will be able to find out about dream stories or Mankler, who is my alias.

And you're going to find all this beautiful content a hundred or two hundred years in the future.

And that, like every human being, causes me great emotion and great enthusiasm.

It gives me the illusion of continuing to be remembered after the years and being a contribution at that time.

And you? What do you think about all this?

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4 months ago


Knowing that they're going to be sitting here on the blockchain forever

A nice story about your dream, but it is not written in the blockchain and does not stay forever. It is on the Simon's servers. But if they should be shut down, there are still

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4 months ago

Look at you, I didn't know that this web archive service existed, very interesting, thanks for sharing it, now I'm going to investigate it.

And if you're right, is centralized, I'm happy knowing that I'm going to prevail in =)

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4 months ago