The Challenges of Expressing Thoughts

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5 months ago

Transmitting thoughts can sometimes be complicated because when it comes to people who want to express many thoughts and put them into words, it often happens that these thoughts jumble together; That is, there is no time to finish expressing a thought in words when the thought starts to go away and start having a different idea and there is no time to put the idea into words. That's why it's so complicated to transmit thoughts.

In the case of people who are dedicated to the creative medium such as bloggers or writers like me, people who create content who are content creators and who are dedicated to the entertainment part, it is often complicated for them, they usually have difficulties transmitting their thought. This is also due to the emotions that may be had during that moment. You also have to take into account that there are different ways and different techniques to be able to do it.

The appropriate thing is in addition to expressing the authenticity of the message you want to give to the person who may read it or to the people who already read this type of content because it depends on the audience that each content creator has. Then, based on that, the method used has to change, the language and narrative used has to be different.

Because you are not going to communicate a poetic or technical thought in a vulgar and coarse language to an audience that does not have the adequate level to receive that message or that is not going to correctly receive that message.

For example, to people of a high cultural level, as is the case I am putting, receiving a vulgar and coarse message will not please them and on the contrary; if we put the other we extrapolate the other situation to people of little culture, a message of high level that has techniques and that has this knowledge behind it will not interest them because it is something very complicated. Especially with these new generations that are accustomed to consuming immediate information and content with social networks that are now flooded with videos of a few seconds that do transmit emotion or laughter or the message immediately.

So the dopamine releases are received immediately and people are idiots; they don't like to think. So you have to take into account when transmitting your message your content the target or niche to which it is directed. Always what you write, create a style like I have done over the last 25 years to try to be intelligent in discourse and at the same time try to give a message that is accepted by the different niches. It is something that is extremely difficult to achieve and only by writing a lot and also reading a lot is how it can be achieved.

Over the years I have been able to perfect this method and I continue to perfect it every day because every writing I do every story I bring you every comment I express and every idea I propose has gone through this review process while always trying to be authentic and bring you knowledge that is valuable for you that helps your life and that if you want you can transmit to other people.

And well this is my five-minute writing for today.

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