History of the occult - Part 4

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On this occasion I am going to talk to you about a very unique character about whom there is a lot of information and, due to its length, deserves a special chapter.

One of the many eccentric figures who deserves a special mention in the history of the occult.

And she is nothing more and nothing less than Maria Ana Lenormand, so without further more we are going to start talking about her all this time.


Most famous contemporary sibyl born in Alenzo in 1772 and died in Paris in 1884.

His mother had been one of the most beautiful women in France.

Her husband took her to Paris very shortly after their marriage and when she appeared in Tullirias, the admirers surrounded her with such flattering importance that she was forced to avoid so many tributes, withdrawing early from the big world.

At Versailles at the king's public meal, Louis 15 fixed his attention on the beautiful Alenzonese and found out who she was.

The monarch's satellites rushed to tell Mr. Lenormand: "The king has deigned to notice your wife, your fortune is assured".

The honest husband knew at what price he should buy it and the next day the two spouses, fleeing the courteous seductions, returned to take the road to Normandy.

Educated in the royal abbey of the Benedictine ladies of Alenzo, Maria Ana Lenormand made rapid progress in living and dead languages, drawing, painting, music, and so on.

From the age of 7 years and go there you go from a singular attitude in guessing the future events.

In the meantime, the abbess of the Benedictine convent was dismissed for her misconduct and locked up in a correctional house.

Great rumor among the sisters and pensioners of the sacred asylum: who would be entrusted with the direction of the beaver herd?

While deliberating on such a momentous issue the little Lenormand predicted that the election of the king would fall on Mrs. Lavardiet and the prophecy was realized 18 months later by then, Miss Lenormard had left the Benedictine convent for that of Santa María.

The new am abbess sent her to seek an honorary position for the consecration function and presented her to Archbishop Grimaldi as a young woman from whom much could be expected.

At the age of 17 in early 1789, Miss Lenormard announced the fall of the throne, changes in the constitution of the clergy and the abolition of convents.

In 1790 she moved to Paris and was placed as a reader in the home of a 60-year-old, Mr. d'Arneval de la Sansotte, whose house he cites in the street Honoré-Chevalier, number 19, designated Marat in "The friend of the people" as a meeting point of the royalists.

Mademoiselle Lenormand certainly made herself known as an immense vogue fortune-teller in Parisian high society.

When Marie Antoinette was imprisoned, Mariana Lenormand fervent realist did not limit herself to throwing the letters but she decided to help her escape personally.

Disguised as an errand boy and with a basket full of fruits, she was introduced into the concierge by Mrs. Richard, the janitor's wife, and Minchonis prison administrator.

He found the dejected desperate queen deaf to all offer of salvation. the dismissal of the administrator put an end to the attempts of the liberator sibyl.

"Sibyl", Such was the quality that she arrogated to herself then, because she had left her job as a reader to open a fortune-telling cabinet at 153 Tournon Street.

His first clients were joined by men who, engulfed in the revolution, came in knowledge or without fear for themselves and for their projects of their random disorders.

In the month of Floreal, year 2 (May 1794), he received a visit from Robespierre, of Saint-Just and de la Forcé, administrator of the central office of public security. You will be told them condemned and executed before the end of the year.

A short time later the sibyl was brought to the Petit-Force as a counterrevolutionary for having made predictions aimed at disturbing the tranquility of the citizens and provoking civil war.

In his prison it was the providence of the noble ladies that he allowed to anticipate a forthcoming freedom.

Mrs. Montansier, former director of the Cortes theaters, was to be transferred to the concierge when Miss Lenormand told him: "stay in bed pretended but you will know how to avoid it and you will still live long years".

In effect the transferred persons were sent to the guillotine and Madame Montansier was saved by the Lord of Thermidor.

At the Petit-Force, Mariana Lenormand established relationships with Josefina de Beauharmais, the future Empress, relationships that largely earned her immense popularity.

Superstitious like all Creoles, Josefina sent him a note from Luxembourg where she was detained, begging him to tell her about her future and that of her husband.

"General Beauharmais replied to the oracle will be a victim of the revolution. His widow will marry a young officer called by his star to high destiny. "

Free for the cessation of terror Maria Ana Lenormand returned to dedicate himself to prophetic sessions.

Consulted in 1795 by Bonaparte what he was thinking of going to enlist in the ranks of the Sultan, he told him: "You will not obtain a passport. A happy widowed lady Will make you happy is called to fulfill a great destiny in France and you will reach a very high degree with her influence, guarded against being ungrateful with her, because perhaps your happiness and his, would be left over ".

She came down from the consulate on May 2, 1801, and was called La Sibilina at Malmoison by Josefina, and it foreshadowed her new great things.

Having announced when the formation of the camp of Bologna that the First Consul would crash, an attempt was made to land in England,She was taken to the Madelonnetes, where she remained arrested from December 15, 1808 to January 1, 1804.

He suffered a new arrest in 1808 for having predicted that the emperor wanted to rule the Roman states and that the war in Spain would be disastrous for him.

This intimate persecution inspired him a bulky volume entitled "Prophetic Recollections of a Sibyl on the Secret Causes of Her Arrest on December 11, 1809."

Later, as if to defy criticism, I use it to publish other volumes on the "anniversary of the death of Empress Josefina", in 1815; "the sibylline oracles" in 1817; "the sibylline in congress de Aix-ls Chapelle "in 1819; and" Historical memories and secrets of the Empress Josephine ", 2 volumes in 1820.

All these works are written in an emphatic and diffuse style. You can see that Maria is a very productive person.

Maria Ana Lenormand had adopted a uniform ceremonial for all who came to consult her.

An old servant dressed in black introduced a consultant into the antechamber, saying: "The young lady is busy, you have the goodness to wait a moment."

at the end of ten minutes the old servant introduced the querent into an oblong cabinet at the end of which sat the priestess, her forehead girded by a turban.

The sibyl directed the newcomer the following eight questions:

  • What is the month and day of your birth?

  • How old are you?

  • What are the initials of your first and last name and place of your nature?

  • What color do you prefer?

  • What animal do you prefer?

  • What flower is more pleasant?

  • Do you want the "great oracle" or the "little oracle"?

And right away he began his quiromantic operations, cartomancy, and reading and interpreting coffee.

How do you see Maria Ana Lenormand was a very important figure in the world of the occult and with a lot of influence from which we have a lot of data and anecdotes.

And here comes this review about this peculiar woman. I hope you enjoyed it. And for the next chapter we will be talking about Nostradamus, Paracelsus, Naude and Pythagoras.

Note: all my posts are created on my low-level end smartphone.

You can chat with me on Discord Reinaldo#7816

See you shortly bitcoin cashers!

Update: The title of the publication was updated because it said part 3 and it was part 4, sorry for the small error but it has already been corrected.

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