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How nice it is that we can get up every day and look in the mirror and smile.

Because this way we will know that we are creating a positive environment and we will have fun, we will have a more pleasant environment, an environment that we can say is going to be playful.

It's going to be nice, as I want to put it, because every new day is a new opportunity for us to be better and of course, today is Friday, today is a fun day and we have to see
life in a positive way.

And what better way to face a day than having the presence
of a cat

Who doesn't love cats? Cats are a necessary, very important element in our lives. I know that you who are reading this post are a cat lover.

My profile(at hive) has a photo of a cat, because it is clear that I am a cat lover, in this case, as I say at the end of the publication, I have a section where I say that this Hive account is made in honor of Manclar, my cat that died many years ago.

In addition to this, to show my love and the importance to me of this creature who brought so many positive things to my life (because I remember him and even though he is no longer here I still love him with all my heart), I am sure that You all love to watch the thousands of videos that are on the internet, on YouTube, and on any platform.

Because they bring us joy.

For example, when I feel depressed, when I am very sad, it immediately makes my day to go watch videos of cats, because they are great, they are so special, they have that touch that is so feline, that touch of stealth, of hiding, of hunters that is so fun.

Who has not seen a cat trying to climb, for example, a
surface and they try and fall, and they keep trying.?

Who has not seen a cat entertaining itself with a particle of dust on a wall, a little butterfly, or anything that floats and it is so funny to see them when, for example, you are having lunch or you are reading or doing any activity and the cat comes and Does he bring you a mouse or a grasshopper as a gift?

For those of us who know about cats, we are clear that it represents a gift from the animal to you, to tell you: "hey, look, I love you, here I brought you this" :D.

It is their way of thanking us and as humans we sometimes feel a little disgusted, because it is not something normal for us.
us. But if we understand it from the cat's point of view, they are giving us a happy day and I hope that if you have cats, today is a fun Friday, that your cat brings you a treat, whether it is a grasshopper, a snake, or a rat :) ha ha ha .

I with all my heart hope you enjoy it!, because it's Friday Fun Day and if your cat does that with you, he's giving you a
Complimentary, it's making your day.

So I hope that this publication is light, pleasant and that it brings you happiness today on your Friday.

And may the white cat that heads this post make you smile with its tenderness and softness and because it represents the purity, kindness and good feelings that I wish to reach you, from this side of the world to your home.

Very good Friday to you and I send you a big hug 😁


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2 months ago
Topics: Life, Cats, Meme, Mindset, Fun