Being in control during a crisis

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This is a word that very often I see circulating and published in many places today, especially due to the hectic life that we are used to in big cities.

This word restful is something that is very common to us.

It is an adjective that means quiet, peaceful naturally or by his temper. This directly alludes to a place that is quiet, calm, or peaceful. It can also refer to a person or a situation that is very stable, very calm.


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It is very natural to say that the weather is calm after there has been a very torrential rain or a lightning storm.

It is very important to have control in crisis situations. It is very essential to be calm.

And for this there are several recommendations that I have learned during my life. The first and main one that I have already talked about on other occasions is meditation. By beginning to dedicate 5 minutes a day to this practice, it leads us to become more focused people or citizens, with the ability to manage ourselves in a more rational and balanced way when we face a crisis. And the most crucial thing is that through meditation we will be able to make more correct decisions, without being blinded by the pressure that this crisis can cause us at a certain moment.

This is very easy to say, but very difficult to do because it is something that requires a lot of practice and requires a lot of control to master.

Another way to be calm in a crisis situation is to remember the hobby that one likes to do. If at that moment, in that crisis situation, you manage to control and focus your mind on that hobby or on that thing you like to do, this will help you stay controlled in this state of crisis. Something very fundamental that you can do is start talking with someone, with a friend, with your neighbor, with a relative. This helps you to maintain a state of consciousness that allows you to be focused on this situation, and thus you will be able to overcome this problem or crisis that you are facing more effectively.

And finally, the recommendation that I always give to people who tell me, look, how can I concentrate or how can I be relaxed, that is impossible in a crisis situation. What I feel is it will go and I get completely out of control. Well, if you are not one of the people who is capable of meditating and you are one of the people who goes more into action, moving and doing things, then surely your thing is to start exercising. Try immediately to start running, do some push-ups, some squats. In this way you will feel tired and your energy, the energy of the crisis will dissipate, giving you the necessary time to be able to react correctly to these situations.

The important thing about all these points is that you manage to make them a habit, that something routine be done for you, both meditating and running, like having a hobby, this will help you a lot so that at times when you have to face a situation, difficult you can be calm and you can be focused.

At least for me it has given me many good results and it is something that I try to do every day, even if it is 5 minutes of my time, I dedicate it to meditation and to some of the points that I am commenting on here.

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8 months ago
Topics: Writing, Reality, Experience, Life, Stress, ...