Ants of Rock and Roll

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Today was a day different from all the others because worldwide it is the celebration of Rock Day and in the garden all the animals were excited and very excited to see everything that their companions were going to show.

It was quite a large garden behind one of those mansions you usually have in America, those three-story mansions that look like something out of a fairy tale, with an enormous number of rooms and a large number of servants.

This garden has a large field full of roses.

On one side it is covered with petunias and some large fir trees that border the entire garden and give way to a maze. In the labyrinth are the protagonists of this story: our friends the ants.

They are normally doing the things they are used to: carrying their leaves, taking them from one place to another and, in fact, they are bored by all the day-to-day routine.

They need something different and in this scene we find Leader, the largest ant in the colony with a huge head that is five times the size of the other ants.

Leader thinks to himself: "My colleagues are very bored. I need to do something, but what can I do?" And at that moment he sees the calendar that he has stuck to the twig of a bush and sees that today is the National Day of World Rock Day. And he says to himself: "And if I propose to the other ants that we organize a concert?"

Immediately, this idea grew in his mind and he went out to the central part of the maze running quickly and calling a meeting with all the participants of the anthill. So he used his initiative to carry out this project.

The queen ant made her best effort and moved her entire body followed by the workers who accompanied her to see what the message that Leader had.

The winged princesses flew from the far part of the labyrinth to here because they knew it was something very important and it is known that princesses only fly when they are in their mating season and on very special occasions like this. They all rushed to the meeting.

Lider speaks and says: "Sisters, I propose that we organize a rock concert to celebrate the day and get out of this monotony."

The ants clap their hands and say, "Yes." Another one over there says: "Yeah, bravo long live rock and roll", shouts another.

Immediately, they all get to work.

An ant discovers a twig that has an oblique shape, starts to feed it, and finds that she can use it as a bass. Another who is close to her sees a dry leaf and immediately begins to hit it with her antennae and finds that she can use it as a drum. Immediately, what the two are doing again and he joins them and with her paws he begins to pull the hairs from her head and he sees that he can use it as a guitar.

Another group of ants that were in a dry tree realize that if they jump from the top and fall, this resonates like an oboe, so they plan to use it too.

They all agree and begin to compose a melody trying to honor the great classic rock groups they know.

So in a matter of a few hours they learn the song of the ants and make a call for the concert.

After all the preparations in a matter of hours, the entire center of the maze is full of animals.

Like caterpillars, the bees came bringing honey to drink. Worms of different colors approached, several very happy and flirtatious butterflies perched on the branches. We could see the couple of beetles that came with their children, making the rock and roll sign with their horns and the ladybugs flying over the band of ants as if creating visual effects to give color to the show.

The crickets improvisedly got together by placing themselves in the bushes that were near the ants and rubbing their legs together to act as violins and thus they composed the happy song of the ants that turned out to be a great rock and roll.

All the insects and animals danced frantically in endless poop and thus enjoyed this day celebrating World Rock and Roll Day.

And this has been my story for today.

I hope you enjoyed it and until the next opportunity.

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