Through Sickness and Health

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I was sick got better and got sick again. Sometimes being sick gets to be in favor in some situations but for a full-time stay-at-home mom, I can't afford to get sick. I wanted to get better right away because even at home I still barely get some rest. I was just thankful that Lil B got better as soon as I got sick.

Lil B was sick

While we were on our way back to Tacloban from Manila, Lil B had a fever and flu. Good thing that her fever only lasted for a day and her flu lasted for a couple of days. I remember I woke up at 2 am in my sister's house and felt warm despite having the AC turned on. It was Lil B, she had a fever. As much as I wanted to go back to sleep, I need to monitor her temperature. I check her breathing too, to make sure that her nose wasn't clogged. I barely got enough sleep but as soon as my sister woke up, had to breakfast, and do their thing, I was able to take a nap.

Having flu, fever or cough will get you paranoid because of COVID-19. I remember we had COVID-19 when we traveled to Cebu a few months ago.

When we got back and bought groceries, I saw Ceelin vitamins in one aisle and I told my husband, I haven't bought vitamins for Lil B for months now. It slipped my mind from all of the things that's been happening. I felt bad and blamed myself because this might also be one reason why Lil B got sick.

Christmas Fever

It's not a happy Christmas fever season. Here in the Philippines, the weather gets more effed up during Ber months. One day it rains, typhoons, then the next day it's sunny as if it didn't rain and no typhoons passed. A lot of people might get flu and fever before and after Christmas Holidays.

Give me your Sipon (cold)

When Lil B had a cold, I remembered I told her that I will take it away from her so she can get better. To my surprise, she did get better, and I got her son. I thought it was just triggered when I cleaned and arranged our things when we got back home here in Tacloban. I had a clogged nose, and headache, and felt like it will get worse to Sinusitis. I've been drinking medicine for 3 days and always get drowsy. On my 4th or 5th day of having a cold, I told my husband to buy Neozep or Sinutab as my headache was getting worse and I can barely breathe when lying down. How can I breastfeed Lil B by not lying down, my back will hurt, and will not get enough rest again to recover.

Goodness gracious, after that day, I got better! I thought I can go back to my routine but no. It wasn't all that.

Hello UTI

After the day I got better from the flu, I got UTI. It wasn't the first time, UTI comes and goes. The only thing that I can think of as what caused to trigger it again was Coca-Cola. While we were in Manila, I was able to drink Coke for 3 days. Yes, for 3 straight days. I took advantage of it because Coca-Cola has been scarce in some places or the provinces. If you found one, it's pricy.

Aside from drinking Coke, my husband told me that it could also be the CR in our house in Bulacan. The water in our house there was disconnected so we have to get water from our neighbor. Plus, the first floor including the CR of our house wasn't finished yet. No electricity and wasn't that much.

Another reason could be the bad weather when I had the flu. I admit that I don't usually shower when it's a cold season because duh it's too cold. I wanted to heat the water but we're using an induction cooker and the electricity bill might go up again. I just change clothes but obviously, it wasn't enough.

The last one could be low immunity resistance. We traveled for a few days and each day was pretty exhausting. I wasn't able to get enough rest, sleep or even eat. I even forgot to drink enough water to keep me hydrated which lead to getting UTI again.

UTI symptoms

  • burning feeling when urinating

  • urinating often with small amounts of urine

  • blood in urine

  • pelvic pain

I asked my husband if he can buy Cranberry juice at 7/11 for my UTI. I didn't tell him that there was blood in my urine. He asked me if we can buy it the next day. I told him okay because I don't want to worry him that much too. However, the pain when I pee gets worse. He asked me where else he can buy cranberry juice, I told him it might be available in other convenience stores or drug stores. I told him not to go out as it was already late and they might not have one. One perk of living in the province is other stuff is not available here, which pisses me off.

Anyway, I just drank a lot of water now and then. The next day, I am thankful that the pain lessened. I told my husband not to worry about it as I will get better. The best medicine for UTI is antibiotics. However, I don't want to spend much just to get a prescription for antibiotics. I will have to pay for a check-up, urinalysis, or even an ultrasound before I can get a prescription. It'll cost more than 20$ which is a lot.


Don't forget to take care of yourself.

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Pa iba-iba kasi ang panahon ngayon.. Mainit sa umaga, sobrang lamig sa gabi.. Kaya naman medyo madalas kami sipunin.. Kaya nagvivitamins kami for extra protection..

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1 year ago

Nako totoo yan. Pagkagising ko nga sakit na ng tuhod ko. Ts pagdating g tanghali ang init, pag hapon naman biglang uulan.

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1 year ago

Laganap na din talaga nagkakasakit ngayon. Medyo masakit nga din lalamunan ko ngayon. Mahirap na din baka tumaas na naman ang kaso sana Hindi naman na. Sa panahon talaga to pabago-bago.

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1 year ago

Nako sana di naman. Sadyang malabo lang talaga ang panahon ngaun. Naalala ko paramg ilang taon din kami nagcecelebrate ng pasko na umuulan.

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1 year ago

Napansin ko ngayon daming nagkasakit sis. Ako din sis ngayon. Huhu not feeling well kaya higa nalang ako ng higa.

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1 year ago

Nako magvitamins ka na sis or citrus fruits or juice. Ang ngayon ramdam mo na malapit na magpasko kapag marami nang nagkakasakit

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1 year ago

Oo sis. Nag vitamins ako sis. Dami talaga nagkakasakit sis.

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