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Waking up from bed he thought about how he could make some bucks since he was really poor. He took his phone to check for new messages as he already told some of his friends to help him with something but all he saw was blue ticks. He became sad and disappointed but he tried calling them one by one and to his shock one of all the people he called picked up their phone and even the one friend that picked up rudely said to him," I have no help for you." Struck by the intensity of these words he nearly insulted his friend and also the other through text but he didn't.

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He rather sat down thinking of how he could make it himself but no positive idea was coming up from his later brain. Inasmuch as he needed money he tried not listening to the voice that was telling him to plot evil against his friends. He rather tolerated their crap they were posting and sending to him. This went on for a while but later did he know he was being tested.

He would say to himself, the same friends who promised him they will help him stand on his feet after the incident that happened to him are now postponing dates and talking trash to him. But he kept his hope in them and still waited for them as he knew they would help.

One faithful day, He was shocked at who came to his house. His friends came to his house in great cars and to his ultimate surprise they had built him a new home and a business we took over. The result of patience and tolerance

Patient simple refers to the capacity or ability to accept or tolerate delay, Problems or suffering without becoming annoying or anxious. Tolerance on the other hand is the capacity to endure Continued subjection to something such as environmental conditions without adverse reaction .

Inasmuch as sometimes we face difficulties and have to go through things that are not favorable, We need to consciously be patient and tolerate the views of other people about us.

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Patients is one great important virtue that can help one achieve goals and aims. A great article was written by spaceXXX on the importance of patience he goes on to tell the stories or shares a value that, a farmer has to be patient in all his dealings. He plants his crops and has to wait patiently for it to yield well before he can cultivate them. A situation where he rushes to use other medicines to make them grow faster, the crops yield faster but gets spoilt or rotten easily since the medicines become dangerous to the crops and as well human health.

He also goes forward to talk about the impossibility of starting a new business today and expecting to boom the next day and such thought is really true. No one can be able to do that, it takes time and patience to build. You have to work hard and wait patiently, gather the profits and reinvest. The cycle continues goes on and on. Through that, you can gather profits. We sometimes see that, the businesses of some people collapse just after few weeks of setting them up. This is because, they do not have patience. They pass through several means and ways to expand their businesses and at the end of it all, they just fail and their businesses collapse.

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Another user, Alther wrote a great article about patience of which he titled, "Field of patience" .

He tries to talk about the fact that people say, patience is endless while others say, it surely has a limit. He goes on to mention several situations where patients is a great virtue to exhibit, show or portray. Not being patient can just cause a lot of destruction on this earth as you just rush to get any work done anyhow.

He also talks of the fact that, patience is not an easy thing or behaviour to portray to people or a business as it takes a lot to actually make it work. "Where lies the stretch of patience? Is it in the heart, in the mind or some where else?", he asked. We all still don't know yet but for me, I am trying hard to keep my patience and also know exactly where is lies.

Let's talk a but about Tolerance.

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Inasmuch as we need patience in everything that we do, I think tolerance should also be observed. No one can be patient without being tolerant is always my point of view when it comes matters that require patience. Let's take a quick look at what tolerance is then.

Tilka_Muntarin_123 wrote an article about tolerance one year ago. He makes it clear in his first paragraph that, tolerance is one great quality that actually makes people never fell the pain of defeat. It is the ability to endure sorrows, hardships and adversities in the life of an individual. It also deals with the ability of an individual to accept the opinions of people about a particular topic or situation and listen to their suggestions.

He also tells us about how people are able to overcome various adversities in life when they show tolerance in every sector of their life. Some people see tolerant people as weak, they think of such people as being weak and as such they can't fight for themselves but that is not true.

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My dad once told me that, I should see a tolerant person as a refuse dump, they take in everything people throw on them but at the end of the day, people walk up to them to collect the good things and burn the bad ones.

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Aaronbliss also writes an article on tolerance. He titles it, "Learn to tolerate things in life ". "In life, you will surely come across different kinds of people, both those that have a good sense of reasoning and those that don't but in all, try to tolerate them, because with that, you will never find anything so hard to go with in life" is the opening paragraph and it actually makes a lot of sense.

No one should expect to get everything easily in life. We sometimes will meet people who are caring but sometimes we meet people who are just rude. You don't expect to get a great experience from both persons but ones attitude won't be great. It will therefore be our sole work and responsibility to look at how we react to such situations and that is what we term, tolerance.

Aaronbliss also talks about some situations that require tolerance even though one could have the chance to retaliate.

Retaliation won't just cause harm to the person alone but could cause harm to you also. You might think your freedom to do somethings is been violated but tolerating such things won't bring further troubles.

PS: In as much as tolerance is a good virtue and should be practiced, one is also advised to stand up for himself when it becomes too much. Some people take others as weak when they show tolerance to their actions. As such, they continuously try to bully them and cause problems for them. When it becomes too much, you have to stand up and show them your worth.

Tolerance and patience should be shown at anywhere we find ourselves since such manners are really great and considerate.

Tolerance and patience are actually what I call twin brothers as they work hand-in-hand. You have to be tolerant before you can be patient and as such, you can't be patient without being tolerant.

Thank you all for your time spent on reading this piece, I appreciate you all.


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Wow great insight

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I am not tolerant but I am patient. I learned to be tolerant. My wife taught me.

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Wow dear! You wrote an amazing article. I really appreciate it. Patience increase tolerance. By the way, I'm Lucifer, the Devil. Nice meeting you brother.

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