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Slow and Steady; Don't Rush!

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8 months ago

So I saw a movie yesterday that was so touching and at the same time painful and sad. Most times when I see these type of movies, I can't help but imagine was was going through the mind of the person behind the story line that he could come up with such thoughts. Really I'm baffled at times.

Some are so sad and sometimes heartless that I just have to call the producer a sadist or an evil minded being. Well, sometimes I admire the level of their imaginations, how advanced their thoughts are and how good they seem. I actually want to be as good as them sometimes but I'll try to come up with story that are less sad, tragic and with less bloodshed.

This movie was called "old" and it made me think alot. It was about an island that made people grow older. Time was messed up in this island, as one day spent there was about 50years of one's life.

The young children grew to men and women in hours and were deprived of the experience that came with these stages. And to worsen it all, no one could leave this island.

Alot of people died as they grew older in hours and met their death, only the children who grew into adults in just a day had chances of survival. Ever since the movie, I've tried to imagine how I'd feel if my growth stage was rushed. From being a teenager- I get to automatically live as a young adult for only 4 hours and in the next few hours I'm aged.

What would happen to all of the experiences, the partying, the friends, graduation, teenage disorder and the strive for independence. All of these experiences that basically contributes to us saying we have lived life would be skipped and missed.

There's really no fun in it at all. One would only get to spent about a few mins of their life being kids and the next, they'd have already grown. No chances for mistakes and corrections, no chance for building sand castles, no chance for anything in conclusion.

As much as these things sound like we'd be missing out, alot of us still want to rush growth. A business is just 2 weeks old but then we want to get wild results as if it were 2 years old.

An adolescent wants to leave his parents house and starts living his own life when he's not yet of age. A pretty lady want to go into a relationship when she's obviously too young for that. Youths of today want to make money by all means forgetting there's time for genuine growth.

Growth is not a process that should be rushed. The island in the movie whose time is on the fast track is how some of us are. We want to live 15years of our lives all in one day, all in the name of "live is too short to waste time". If life is anything, it's not about how long you have, it's about what you make of what you have and who you are in that time frame, whether old or young, dependent or independent.

Life Needs Patience

Everything we want in life will definitely come. so why want to rush it. Why apply so much make up so you'd look mature, when I'm the end, maturity is inevitable.

Live life the way it is, it's more meaningful that way.

Alot of us have forgotten that life is meant to have meaning and add value to us. This is somewhat impossible, if it is rushed. Take your time!

Author's Epilogue

I'm happy about the stage I am in life, so should you! There will always be someone the same age as you, who has a better life than you but fret not. This is because you still have enough room for growth, so why rush it.

Time may not wait for any man but this dosen't mean we should go chasing time.

Tomorrow should be tomorrow's headache, live today so when tomorrow comes, you don't regret the decisions you made today.

Today's episode with me your favourite host has been magnifiquè because you stopped by. I have to say you're simply amazing!

Thank you!

Mhizutty the voice of truth 🎵🎶🎵

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Written by   126
8 months ago
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I have actually seen the movie too, for real I don't know what to say coz am speechless, all those innocent people were killed and only those two siblings survived and there were lucky

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8 months ago