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Information technology is the technology related to the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for managing and distributing information.

The technology associated with data collection, verification of its authenticity and validity, storage, processing, modernization, transportation and management is called information technology or information technology. — Prakeishli Mujibur Rahman

Today with information technology we can access the latest news, talk to people in real-time, video chatting, e-learning, e-commerce and social networking.

Information technology is a developed technology through which starting from the smallest news or event to providing all kinds of necessary information on time is playing a big role in increasing the speed of work. Testing or using electronic equipment, especially PCs or computers, to store, analyze and distribute various types of information, including words or numbers, and images, in its supply of data.

Why is information technology important?

To put it simply, most of the organizations have IT or IT systems at work or the organization cannot survive in the competitive market of today's fast paced world. It is rare to find a business or organization that does not depend at least in part on computers and the networks that connect them. Hence, those who are technologically advanced in the competitive market are making progress.

Information technology in the pages of history

The lack of information technology in history was first felt in the early 20th century, perhaps in the early stages of World War I. Since the end of the First World War, the international socio-economic landscape of the world began to change rapidly.

The scientific researches in the world are going down with the purpose of maturing the position of the country in the world through new discoveries. Then, in the middle of the 20th century, the Second World War began once again around the world. World War II was the first use of information technology in world history. Towards the end of World War II, the picture of the world began to change more rapidly.

It has a huge impact in the field of information technology as well. Then in the 70s, when the Internet came to the world, there was a revolution in the field of information technology, since that time, the contours of information technology in the world started to change very quickly.

Introduction of modern technology:

The Industrial Revolution of the first half of the 19th century is considered to be the birth of technology. And during this period, the use of technology in almost all areas of life began to be widespread.

However, at this time the importance of information technology was not so important to people because the world's population and lifestyle were less complex. But as time has passed, people have started to become aware of the importance of information and technology.

From the beginning of the 20th century, the need for information and communication technology began to be well understood throughout the world. The modern technology of the present day has arisen while keeping pace with the demands of the natural order of nature.

Use of information technology in daily life:

Everyone has now started to believe in the impact of information technology and the increased standard of living due to its use. As a result, the use of information technology has increased a lot in Bangladesh. Information and communication technology has been included in the education textbooks in all educational institutions starting from schools, colleges and universities.

The number of computer users is increasing every day. The number of computer hardware, software, internet and information technology training institutes in the country is increasing day by day. There are thousands of computer hardware showrooms across the country. Many hardware companies are established in Dhaka city and the number of software companies is also increasing day by day.

What is the use of information and communication technology in daily life?

You can easily find the results of various tests at home using technology (computer or mobile) through online.

It provides money transaction, mobile recharge, electricity bill payment, water bill payment, internet bill payment etc. using mobile phone or computer.

Almost all jobs can be applied at home and all types of job exam admit cards can be downloaded and printed online through the use of internet.

By using online ticketing system, transport owners or passengers can easily buy or sell their bus, train or plane tickets without visiting the bus terminal or railway station.

With the help of internet I can read almost all types of daily newspapers.

From daily necessities to cooked food, one can order from various online markets at home through the use of internet.

Any type of book has the facility of reading from e-book.

Through the use of internet, we can easily take the advice or services of different doctors sitting at home.

All the important information of agricultural production can be found at home with the help of internet.

With the help of YouTube and various other websites, we can enjoy various entertainment programs (such as movies, dramas, web series, etc.) at home.

Does information technology play a role in the development of civilization?

Today's modern civilization has been developed through the use of information technology. Information technology is playing an important role behind the progress of civilization. The use of information technology has given people a happy and comfortable life.

All kinds of scientific efforts, thoughts, discoveries are reaching people from one end of the world to the other end very quickly with the help of information technology. In the modern era, science and technology are moving in the same direction. Technical knowledge of technology helps people in many ways.

Technology has made civilization modern. When man had no concept of mechanical power, man resorted to labor in the struggle for life. Later it changed and came under technology.

Contribution of information technology to communication

From time immemorial, people have wanted to communicate with one another, one country with another. At different times they used different methods. Poet Kalidasa talks about sending love messages to his beloved through messengers.

Correspondence gradually spread. Trained pigeons carried messages probably from the Maurya reign around 322 BC. Later worked at Ghera, Rajdoot, Runner. Letters still survive as documentary evidence for people.

Once upon a time, the telegraph was a modern technology. Nowadays, telephone, mobile phone, internet, e-mail have come for communication with the touch of modern information technology.

Facebook can communicate by texting instantly. Special methods can be used to make phone calls to people from one end of the world to maintain communication with people from the other end, computer can use special methods to see pictures of speakers and listeners and their location, movement, etc. Another important communication medium in modern information technology is the Internet.

The Internet is connected to millions of educational institutions and business organizations in the world. Through the use of the Internet, people are reading books online, preserving the communication of knowledge with the literary culture of the country and abroad. E-mail can be used to exchange correspondence and send useful files.

Information technology in education and medicine

Information technology is also making important contributions in the field of medicine. Various types of daily new discoveries using information technology have brought great changes in the medical field of this time.

Examples include artificial intelligence and robotics discoveries and applications in medicine.

By applying artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence and robotics, it is becoming possible to diagnose various complex diseases and provide solutions to those diseases very easily, quickly and accurately.

In addition, the new discoveries made every day using information technology have a special effect on the current education system. The application of artificial intelligence in the field of education has made it possible to make the current education much more practical and appropriate.

Within a short span of time, the common man is getting an idea about advanced medical procedures, diagnostic techniques and new diseases and their cures very easily through technology.

Information technology provides information and guidance about various devices in modern medicine. Providing information about various components of education helps the concerned institutions. Regular educational programs are being conducted through radio and television with the help of information technology.

Role of information technology in economic development:

Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Thailand etc. have advanced by using information technology as capital and utilizing talent and labor. But because of our lack of intelligence, we cannot connect with the super highway of information today. Again we are denied the opportunity to use fiber optics due to various government complications.

So we have to spend a lot of money to use VSAT line. However, despite various adversities, the information technology sector is contributing to the economic development of Bangladesh in various ways. Computer software manufacturing in the country has increased considerably in Bangladesh.

What role does information technology play in job creation?

The role of information and communication technology in employment generation is immense. Bangladesh currently has thousands of institutes to provide training in computer hardware, software, internet and information technology. All these institutions are providing employment to a large number of unemployed youth. They are building their good status by earning easily.

Many people are freelancing from home and building their careers by working from home.

Role of Information Technology in Research:

Modern scientific practice, especially the widespread use of information technology in various types of research, is rapidly changing the old rules and equations of research.

With the unimaginable advancements in information technology, it is no longer necessary to sweat to acquire knowledge. With the help of information technology, it is possible to read various types of world-class research papers at home.

In addition, it is possible to determine very accurately and easily through the use of information and communication technology in various research related matters such as: determination of weather movements, knowing about climate, research on geo-natural issues, research related to various surveys etc.

High quality research is a prerequisite for the advancement of civilization. So information technology is actually helping to improve the world by making it easier by revolutionizing the current research methods.

We can also save our precious time by using information technology in our daily life.

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Information technology has done a great job, and if you don't know anything about the technology that means your not of this generation...great article

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