How To Get Rich Doing Nothing

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And you believe this? That was just a title to lure you into clicking my article. Ain't fun right? But let me tell you one thing- that is true, no one can get rich by not doing anything in the first place. Even richest man in the world couldn't maintain their richest so they opted an heir to manage their businesses. Money is consumable. Meaning you can get runout if you did not make enough to last for a lifetime. So doing nothing means you are not getting rich any moment (If by chance you want to get rich)

Let me relate this and tell you about one of the many Law's of Physics, the famous Newton's Law of Motion

[ ] We will tackle first the third law of Motion which was,

In every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

. Let me tell you something,
• It is not only by the two objects that collide on the road that will create positive and negative impactt on both object. It could also mean through our life. This not totally mean the ones you do will back to you as a negative force to equates and maintain equilibrium. But there has something beyond this physics law. It could mean one or two.
• It does not necessarily means, +Force and -Force equates to 0, but what I am trying to say is take action, and there will be a positive and negative reaction. But not exactly like if you go on negative direction a positive results will come. Or vice versa. If you want to achieve something, you need to take action. Re-evaluate and collide into something big to make a greater impact. The more effort you exerts there is an equal results. Meaning if you want to get rich it does not happen in one day in a broad daylight after a car runs through a hard wall. That is accident. No one can get rich by accident. Want to be rich? Study, take action, and make it happen. Be like BDO(Find ways) 😜

• For example, your dream is to get rich. Try colliding your dreams and your actions. Let us see where you will go in the next few years. You are probably one of the millionaires and I could be your fan.

[ ] Now this comes also in relation to the first law of motion.

A body at rest will remain at rest unless force is acted upon it

• Imagine you are in third year college now. If you don't study and take action you will still be in third year college by the next school year. Ugh college is tough.
• You want to get rich? Do something. If you feel like you are not going to get rich by your job. Be like BDO. Find ways. Put force into your self. You want to get rich set goals. Little by little you will have to earn it you will achieve it.
• You see if I could get rich just doing nothing I probably am rich now. Remember, begars though just sit in the corners, still has to do something to get by everyday. Meaning no one could get rich by doing nothing!

How to take action?
1. Set Goals. Achieve them slowly.
2. If you can't do it yourself, seek a mentor. Learn. Unlearn. Learn.
3. Don't set a high, ridiculous goals, that even you cannot make.
4. Aim higher. Dream big but with a clear vision.
5. Check all possibilities and options to achieve them.
6. Increase your sources.
7. Track small details.
7. Reward yourself to job well done.
8. Always be thankful and reciprocate it by helping others.
9. Always and always pray for a well eqquiped you.

Hi to a millionaire you. :)

Thanks for reading :)

Ps. This is not an advertisement of BDO. I am not affiliated with the bank. Haha :)

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2 years ago


Thanks Meyzee for the inspiration. Reminding us on how to take action immediately.

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2 years ago

Very solid reading.

In order to progress we must strive, have a poly positive mentality and have a routine of habits, all this to allow us to continue insisting and that within this routine we achieve a change in our favor.

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2 years ago

Thank you sir! :)

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2 years ago