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Lack Of Contentment ≠ Ambition

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7 months ago

The current development happening in the tech and online space has resulted in the creation of a massive amount of wealth. The beautiful thing about it is that, unlike the current financial and economic system where the means to create wealth is in the hands of the few who lord it over the many, the internet allows for far more access to wealth generated online.

This has resulted in a certain craze for supposedly easy money, with some hoping to get instant success and then millionaires overnight. It's commonplace days to see certain kinds of ads these days, with certain claims and implications, such as the possibility of turning into a millionaire in one week just by investing one dollar into an online scheme, or doing nothing at all but making thousands of dollars every week from one online platform etc.

One of the resultant effects of this whole craze is the seeming growing ambitions of youths. In the days of my parents, ambitions were relative to their current ability. In other words, they understood the fact that progression in life is somewhat of a gradual process. But it's different today. What we see today can hardly be called ambition. The youths of today have come to regularize "lack of contentment" as "ambition"; sadly they couldn't be more different from each other.

This whole thing is one of the reasons our societies are been destroyed. Vices are at an all-time high and continue to rise. We have lost respect and patience for the gradual progression in life and goals. Rather, today's youths seek to want and get it all as soon as possible. This is not "wokeness", it's an anomaly of our generation. Nobody is saying it's wrong to have big dreams and aspirations. The problem here is the lack of contentment in us that makes us want to have what is far beyond us in an unreasonable time frame.

We need to learn to tailor our ambitions appropriately. While the overall goal might be to own a private jet, you have to understand that you start with owning a Toyota Corolla, be for you get a Benz, then Rolls-Royce and so on. You don't just begin to see yourself moving from public transportation to owning a private jet. That's not ambition, that's a lack of contentment, and even if you were to call it ambition, it's an " unchecked ambition" and more often than not, such 'ambition' leads to paths of destruction.

We need to know to be content in our place and what we have, for it's only then we will be able to go back to the understanding that gaining and fulfilment of great ambition is a gradual process. It is only when we know this and is content, that we will be able to strive for it honourable, without succumbing to vices and criminal tendencies.

I say this because it is a known fact that the number one reason behind the vices and criminal behaviours that have become the order of our day is not necessarily poverty but a lack of contentment, masked as "ambition". Poverty comes a distant second. A lack of contentment more often than not is what results in such lofty and unchecked ambitions that have become the bane of our society today as we know it.


The current scourge of unchecked ambition of our youths is destroying our society and our youths, causing us to partake in vices and criminal activities which are ultimately self-harming. It has led to the loss of our conscience and humanity as we hardly care these days for gradual and legitimate progression in life. Now, it's a matter of the end justifying the means.

It's not uncommon nowadays to see a fraudster celebrating a successful fraud and boldly saying that " he needs the money more than the defrauded" even if it's their entire life savings, which it usually is. This lack of contentment has led to the regularization of certain vices and criminal activities that used to be appalling in our societies. Nowadays, some of them are even encouraged and celebrated. We can't continue like this, we have to break and check this sickness.

Thanks for reading. I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter.

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Written by   73
7 months ago
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That's something not new in the society again, cause people now see fraud as a legal way of making a huge amount of money.

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7 months ago