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What Makes Bitcoin Cash Worth Holding?

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1 year ago

We are now in the year 2020 with various Alt-Coins in the market. It's a competition to take the #1 spot as the top crypto-currency to hold.

With the recent growth of development on blockchain platforms, what makes BCH stand out from the rest?


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Seeing a number of crypto blogging platforms spring up over the years, it is great to see one for the Bitcoin Cash community. With the likes of platforms of Steemit and others, more competition can lead to better user experiences and innovations that can drive closer toward mainstream adoption.

The ability for platforms to reward its users in a voluntary tipping feature is the latest trend as we see growth with the likes of Brave browser (referral link) that allows website publishers and content creators to receive tips through the browser. Something Read.Cash could consider signing up for. I will be happy to send a little new year's tip :)


While the Brave browser is a privacy-focused browser, privacy is a growing demand and with the latest news of Cashfusion integrating The Onion Router (TOR) for the Bitcoin Cash network, this gives a boost to BCH holders as more privacy features are added to the network.

CashShuffle is already available, but Cashfusion + TOR allows for a more secure layer for privacy.

Privacy is a big issue running into 2020. With recent news on Facebook's Libra privacy concerns, privacy coins, IoT devices and services getting hacked and user data being sold, all the more value this adds for crypto-currency and projects that are using blockchain in some way or another.

Low Fees

A big attractor to holding some Bitcoin Cash is the fact compared to others, the transaction fee is rather low.

Source: BitInfoCharts

While scalability is always an issue among blockchain networks, BCH has been able to maintain to keep up with the top 10 coins by market cap.

Source: CoingGecko

Sitting at #5 at the time of writing, there are many more reasons to keep BCH in your portfolio. Here are just a few that stand out for the new decade.

Happy New Year everyone.

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1 year ago
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