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Why is better than Twitter: Comparison

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1 week ago

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying good health. After getting ignored by rusty in pervious article. Here I came with another interesting articles. Maybe my pervious article was not worth for getting attention of rusty

Alas! But it's okay let try to write another interesting article maybe this time rusty like it

So today we will discuss why is better than twitter

Following are the topics about, I highlights in this article

  • No multiple accounts

  • No limit of words

  • No spamming

  • Meet with educated people

  • No hate

  • Learn about different things

  • Earn real money

1: No Multiple Accounts

The first big difference in both these platforms are we can't make more than one account on but we make a lot of account on twitter . allow only one account per Ip address. This save from overload

When you make more than one account you don't handle them together and just leave your some accounts like a garbage. In short I wanna say is free from garbage or useless account that are only to increase population

2: No limits of words

On twitter the words are limited 280 words means you have to describe your thoughts or feeling just in 280 words you can't explain your grief or happiness briefly while on you're free to write from 1 word to 1000+ words according to your choice the team didn't bound you in 280 words

3: No spamming

There are many ways of spamming

Begging to increase followers

Begging on twitter

Well, asking to follow on twitter is not a big deal you can ask anyone to follow you. You can do 1000+comments on everyone post to follow you and no one will stop you no one can suspend your account

In short on twitter your followers doesn't depend on your content

You can see you followers list means if someone follow you can follow back with out checking his/her content

Screenshot taken from my twitter

As you can see, I only follow them because they follow even they comment on my post to follow back and the interesting thing is I did, because there is no rule or regulation for begging lol

In short on twitter you don't see quality in post only support quality content creators and banned beggars

On the other hand if you join you will see quality everywhere. Everyone is trying to put quality in post

If someone do non-quality post will never appreciate it but if you're a good content writer is a best platform to show your talent

On you will not see your followers list means you don't know who follow you or not

People here only follow other according to their quality of content that's it and if people in try to beg and ask other to follow him/her will permanently suspend his/her account

As you can see below the 1st & most important rule of

Screenshot take from rules

4: Meet with educated people who don't spread hate

On twitter you can see so many celebrities, authors or politicians are saying bad words about each other they don't know what is the real mean of respect they just want that everyone respect them but they don't respect other

In short after getting a lot of degrees they are still uneducated by mind

But is totally different you meet with people who don't spread hate. Who don't feel jealousy from other they just focus on spreading love and support each other there is no politics on everyone love each other without knowing their backgrounds

On twitter you will only see tweets of people you follow or mostly from your country bit on if you open a explore page people will never categorized you can see random post by random countries

5: Learn about different things

While working on you can learn about different things like you know the importance of money when you start earning money by yourself after doing hard work or you learn how to deal with people , you build a self confidence to how to talk other politely in every situation

You know about culture of different countries

6: Earn real money

On twitter if you spend your whole day in writing comments on other tweet or in writing your own tweets you will get nothing

You're just wasting your time

But on the other hand if you do comments on other post on and he/she like your comments you will get 0.01$ from (on case you're writing comments according to post and is full of quality)

If you post interesting stuff which is liked by other you will earn at least 4$ to 5$


Screenshot taken from my profile

Real post link

First one is a meme about BTC & high transaction fee

And the 2nd one just my random thoughts

I earn almost 1$ from 2 post in but if I post it on twitter I will earn nothing

So after comparing both these platforms I prefer to use not twitter ;)

If you want to make you day, months or life productive

Do comments and let me know you're agreed with my point of view or not ?

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Written by   125
1 week ago
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Yes in, i almost forgot my other social media account. Why waste time there when i can earn nothing and some newfeeds just give us some stress. So better be a noisecash and readcash fanatics, life will be better and worth the time.😊🇵🇭🕰️⏳

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1 week ago

You have done a very good comparison of what is noise. cash and a Twitter and highlighted many things. I tell people that if you see someone successful by coming on the noise. cash, then you😅

Noise. cash platform will go up very high in the future and will grow very much 😊

Hope you succussed on these two platforms "Noise. cash read. cash"🎉

Already you are famous for the noise. cash, 😀 Remains to be on this platform as well.🤪

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1 week ago

Thank you so much.. ;) hahaha hope so.. but I think now many other are also famous like ayat, amal, jawad, idksamad7869, eirolfeam2, bmjc98 , arooj123, falaknoman and many more lol🙊

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1 week ago

jawad, idksamad7869 ya dono mara dost hai 😅

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1 week ago

A real and good comparison, I also want to point out that Twitter is an extremely toxic place, although there is also an immense amount of interesting content.

But without a doubt, I much prefer the environment in noise and in read.

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1 week ago

Yeah!! No one stop us if we share copied stuff.. tbh I don't like twitter.. I think people are wasting time on Twitter 😅 And yeah thanks for the appreciation dude;)

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1 week ago

I use twitter just to find give aways, advertise and find out some news, because it is a very unpleasant site in general.

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1 week ago

i belive what you said is alright and most of all . nosiecash give us earning while twitter doesnt...who arent using this platform should do this as soon as take more advantage

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1 week ago

Yes, may be that's why I don't use twitter so much 🤭 we have a better option than twitter.. Thanks.. I'm glad you agreed with my point of view.. ❤️

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1 week ago

same here..dont use any of the social media now...just because of Noisecash

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1 week ago