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My Life before and after joining &

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3 weeks ago

I always want to be a financially free girl, who has enough money to buy everything. But for me, it's difficult to do. Because in our family girls are not allowed to do any job. That's why I always in a search of online work so I can fulfill all my wishes by myself

But it seems impossible to me because whenever I ask someone to tell me about online work, they always ask me for investment, I'm also ready for the investment but the issue is they don't give any proper guideline and just give me an account number to send money

I approximately waste 60$ just because of scammers

Okay let's start today's topic, First I will tell you about my life before

My life before & read. cash is nothing but a mess

"Kill my wishes"

I don't know why but since my childhood I feel hesitant to ask someone for money, I don't even ask my dad for many

I kill my most of wishes just because I don't want to ask anyone to give me money. I only ask my dad for money when I badly need it. My dad never asked me that he will not give money but I don't want to be a burden on him, so I decided to not fulfill my wishes and make them pending till I'm able to earn money


I'm the girl who doesn't love making friends because whenever I make a friend they cheated on me every time that's why I only have one friend. Because of lockdown all things are closed and at home, I have nothing to do, I start feeling alone and stop interacting with anyone and some relatives I don't know why start saying bad words about me that I have a boyfriend and he leaves me that's why I'm depressed some say that someone does black magic on me, etc and this helps me a lot to get more depressed

I eat a lot of medicines but all in vain

In short, my life is just another face of hell

"Nothing To Do"

Before when I don't find any way to get out of my depression then my friend suggest starting watching youtube & play games

So I download the game pubg and start playing it also start watching movies and kdramas on YouTube but after some time, I start realizing that I'm wasting my time on it but believe me they help to get out of depression because I start thinking less but I feel incomplete because I wanna make my day productive

"So again I start finding online job" and this time I make a post about it on FB here one of my classmate see this post amd message me and tell me about the platform

I join after

Let me tell you about my life after joining these wonderful platforms

First of all

"I stop killing my wishes"

The first change after joining is, I get the freedom to buy anything I want without asking others to give me money. gives me financial freedom. I'm not a girl who wastes money, I believe in saving but sometimes I love shopping for that I use my Bitcoin Cash that's I earn from daily

I approximately earn 3$ to 4$ daily from and 100$ to 150$ monthly.

And now after joining I earn a passive income from here too. Whenever rusty visit my article it gives me the motivation to write more article

Today I'm not in the mood of writing but after getting noticed by a random rewarder, I decide to share my life before and after joining these websites

Now just because of them, I stop killing my wishes and sometimes feel proud to be a user of these beautiful sites which have the potential to change many unemployed humans life

"Don't focus on criticism"

Before I join these platform whenever someone says bad words I keep that words in my heart and become sad whenever I remember these words

But now I'm different because now I understand people will always criticize you, it doesn't matter you are successful or not they just keep criticizing you because they just don't wanna see you happy in any situation if you wanna know what I face after joining these platforms

Click the link

But now I don't care what others think about me because I make a lot of friends on from a different side of the world that always motivate me and support me

In short, I didn't see any other supportive community like the Bitcoin Cash community.

I came to know about a precious cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash

Before joining these websites I do not know the crypto world I don't know what is Bitcoin Cash even I don't hear the word crypto

But now I will proudly say I'm a Bitcoin Cash holder which has the potential to grow and make me a millionaire in some years

We all know from the last 3 to 4 days Bitcoin Cash is pumping very fast from 500$ to approximately 1100$ and according to Sir @MarcDeMesel prediction soon Bitcoin cash hit its all-time price

So I also suggest you hodl your Bitcoin Cash for a long time. And yeah if you have Bitcoin swap them into Bitcoin Cash as soon as possible

Created by me 2 months ago Click the link to check ❤

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Written by   125
3 weeks ago
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Well I am also there and here but still struggling in read cash...... unable to understand it properly...... what's the way of being rewarded here

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3 weeks ago

Well Mishal neber lose hope almighty have many door to to bless us with his blessings. One door close and second one open. So that's true my story is same like u i kill my hundred of wished because of lack of money. But i was little confidant so i always cried for money and sometimes i got what i want. But when ! And so far I would cry to get my wishes come true . Same i wasted my money in online investment so that are all spammers untill we dont know them personally.

But now Mashallah you are doing well at noice cash and here too. So im proud of u a pakistani girl is doing so much whome not allowed to use even facebook or instagram but u are doing well . Yeah like you me also need some guidance about readcash. I am using this platform but @randomrewarder dont visit my artical. So give guidelines or solution how can i shine here ?

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3 weeks ago

Thank you so much for the feedback.. Random rewarder doesn't visit you.. Because you are in his black list (spam list) Try to contact with team and resolve your issue 🥰

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3 weeks ago

How to contact with them ?

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3 weeks ago

Yes. I have experienced that site is very friendly and highly praised to me. I am totally new here on's why i don't have much idea It is correct and a bit like your tittle of the artical that life became different after joining the and may be for too!

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3 weeks ago

I like your tittle but everyone has different way of thinking.. The tittle you said don't came in my mind but the things I write in a article match both tittles 🥰 Btw thanks for feedback

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3 weeks ago

I just said my thought. Yes it is correct. Everyone has different way of thinking. Keep doing it well 😊

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3 weeks ago