My BCH Goal For 2021

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2 years ago

Greeting readers! Hope you all are doing well, I'm also fine

First of all, I wanna say this article is written by heart (please ignore my mistake if you find any)

I'm not a futuristic kind of person I don't even care what happens to me in the next minute

But after being a part of the BCH community my thinking is now totally changed..

You know what I don't think about earning because I'm still a student and my parents don't allow me to do any job while studying

That's why I don't think about earning money by myself

But 1 day one of friend ask me to join and tell me little about

And in no time I join

First, I think to earn at least 3000rs (20$) in one month

But I don't know how I got popularity on noise. cash and start earning 2$ each day

And also Sir @Toorik give me a lot of $ in BCH form to organize a lot of contest and when I start organizing the contest and give rewards ti all deserving candidates I got more subscriber and this thing affect my earning

In 2 & half months, I approximately earn 150$ just from noise.

And I use all this money to pay my semester fee myself(but still half is paid to my father) because my per semester fee is approximate 300$

And when I ask my dad to send my half fee he was like why? Is university give concession because of Corona then I tell them about about Bitcoin Cash community and feel proud of me.

And it motivates me a lot to do more hard work and collect BCH as much as I Can

Now I have 20$ in form BCH in my wallet and I'm holding them as long as I Can maybe till June.. I don't withdraw any amount.. The reason 👆 I saw the video of @MarcDeMesel

About BCH prediction that's why I decide to not Sale my BCH

Okay let me tell you about my BCH goals

I know it's late to tell you about My BCH goal

But I came into the world of crypto 2.5 months ago and now I can say yeah! I'm able to set a goal for myself for my better future and by hard work, I will achieve them


I wanna save 1 Bitcoin Cash at the end of 2021

Nothing is impossible if you are passionate to do something it seems difficult to have 1 BCH at the end of 2021 because I have only 20$ in my wallet

But at the same time I know it is possible it the help of and because these 2 platforms are giving a lot to quality content writers and maybe one day I will become a quality content writer and earn here like others..

Okay back to the point.. I have a goal to achieve 2 BCH at the end of this year and hodl it.. To secure my future

100$ (BCH ) to spread BCH awareness

As you all know, I organized different contest by BCH funded by Sir Toorik

And they all are related to bitcoin cash

Like I ask you to tweet something about bitcoin cash using the hashtag, I ask you to use a Mobile cover with the BCH logo, and many more

So I decide to save 100$ for spreading BCH..

Like I make a poster about BCH with QR scan code and write something about BCH and then give it ti different people in markets and shops and ask them to join BCH community and when people see some profit after scanning Qr they will start taking interest in BCH and a large number of people join our community

I have just this 👆 BCH goal right now may be I add something more in it after gaining some more knowledge about BCH

Happy reading

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2 years ago


Welldone! Hope you will achieve your goals.

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