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How I spread BCH awareness

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2 months ago

Greeting readers, hope you all are fine

First of all, I wanna tell you, I'm a new BCH hodler and I earn first-time BCH from

Yeah! It's true is a first platform from where I start my journey in BCH

Let me tell you what I know about BCH in my own words

BCH is our own mini bank, from where we withdraw money(BCH) without any wait, without any permission & at any time

BCH is a money that nobody can steal from us without our permission

In short, BCH is a future of rich humans of the world

& this is the right time to buy BCH & hodl them for some year for triple profitπŸ‘

Okay let's talk about how I spread BCH awareness

First of all, I spread bitcoin cash awareness by sending Shareable links with peoples, who don't know anything about BCH & also send videos created by me in which I tell them some important points about BCH so that, they tryst on me and start their journey in BCH

Screenshot πŸ‘‡ not from today

You know by doing this I get this, we get 7 to 8 new BCH users

Isn't it amazing?

2: By inviting friends on is a platform from where we earn a massive amount of BCH, by just making a short post about anything,

You know what I delete my FB app after

Oh what I'm talking about let's talk about I spread BCH awareness by

See I invite users on to earn some BCH

By doing this we get both active users of & new BCH holders .. (10 to 15 users of was invited by me )

3: By inviting people to join is a platform where we have to complete the simple task & in return, we get payment in our personal wallet

And I think by inviting people on, I spread BCH awareness

Am I right?

4: By organizing giveaway contest

Yes, I spread BCH awareness by organizing different contests about BCH, on

Approximately I send 80$ in BCH on

To people who post a quality post about BCH

Obviously,, the fund came from someone who loves BCH & love spreading BCH

I'm talking about Sir toorik, he helps me a lot to spread BCH awareness

I have more ideas to spread BCH awareness

Like I'm in a hostel where 1000+ girls are living together

& want to tell them about Bitcoin cash by inviting them &

But the issue I'm facing is that, of I ask them to join, may be & admin think all accounts are mine & I'm making multiple accounts for more earning

Actually we are using same wifi, mean we have same ip address

Is there is any solution of this problem???

Kindly tell me in comments section

Happy reading ❀

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Written by Β Β 103
2 months ago
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Hi Meshal :) As for your question its fine if you use the same wifi. As long as you don't use the same device. They have to register using their own devices and use their own BCH address. In addition to that, we all have unique identity so I guess that would also be considered.

Also, the use of VPN is pretty much fine there are a lot in playstore or apps store but there are just some sites that would totally block your account when detected that you are on a VPN. Not quite sure wih noise and read cash tho. VPN may also cause slow connectivitiy issue say you have 10mbps speed of the internet when connected to vpn it would be around 5mbps depends on your usage of course.

I hope this helps :)

Silent follower here. Keep it up!!!

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2 months ago

Thank you so much buddy for details, mean using VPN is not a good ideaπŸ‘»

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2 months ago

The solution that i think first is to use VPN, I don't know if its okay to use it but im actually using it for privacy purposes. But it actually change your IP Address,. I found a conversation from a person in and they are talking about VPN ad is also using it. If someone read this please comment here if it's okay to use VPN. Maybe we can help meshal to bring more users.

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2 months ago

To be honest, I like your ideaπŸ˜‡ but I don't know how to use VPN πŸ™‚

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2 months ago