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My Favorite Place In Naija - Home Is Home

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2 months ago

I've read so many write ups about Nigeria, some for its good part and some for the challenges and when I was asked what my favorite place is, I almost decided not to write on it. No, it's not that I don't have a single love for my country. It's actually because I couldn't say my favorite place in Nigeria is my favorite anymore.

I hope you're not confused on what I'm trying to say. I mean we Nigerians do talk a lot about how bad our government is and how resilient we've become all thanks to how hard the country have become for us to live in.

But I don't know if anyone notice this as well, we all have something good and nice to say about our beloved country. Someone will always tell me "Na your country, not mine" πŸ˜‚ He keeps rejecting the obvious fact that he's a Nigerian (🀫he's black, Nigerian black) so I don't see how he plans to hide it.

So while every other person could write about their favorite places in Nigeria, I realized I haven't visited too many places in Nigeria and I was like:

Can I say I have a favorite place when I'm yet to experience how it is in other places?

Almost all my life, I've been living in the state of Nigeria having "The Big Heart" of the country, Delta State. Yeah, I may have been to two other states before and I'm schooling in one of them now but if I'm to really choose a favorite place in Nigeria... I'll choose Delta State for now.

I've been to Anambra state before but didn't explore enough to say I loved something about it, it was extremely cold at the time I was there and I get sick easily when it's cold so I just didn't seem to like it there.

I'm schooling here in Edo state and I made a post before now of how much It's lacking to me so Edo state is so out of the list of favorite places for me.

I don't know when I'll get to visit more places in Nigeria but for now, My home is my favorite home (Delta State).

Why Delta?

I could give one of the reasons that it's because I'm emotionally attached to this place. My parents met each other and gave birth to me and brought me up here. I've grown fond of this place because of the numerous memories I've had.

The Culture

You hear of the Urhobo, Isoko, Igbo, Itsekiri and many other tribes living together and you even hear some Urhobo speaking Igbo and vice versa... It's amazing to me, it's gives my favorite place more beauty from the way I see it. I also love the freedom every one gets go show the beauty of its tribe among others but still try to live as one people under a state... It feels nice.

The Food

If you ask for my favorite foods, you'll agree with me that Delta is indeed my favorite place because I love our food a lot especially my tribe's local meal - Banga soup with starch or eba. Delta food especially my tribe's food are so creatively delicious πŸ˜‹ I'm so proud of my state for that, so many delicious meals you would want to have a taste of.

Warri - Area!!!

It's in my favorite place, Delta state that you will hear of the popular place called Warri... The strong, smart and very funny people place πŸ˜‚ I think when we say Nigerians are resilient, the Warri people are more resilient. I live in warri sometimes and I must say I love the liveliness of living there, if you don't rush, they'll rush you πŸ˜‚ and the way they talk is quite really interesting to watch and listen.

Beautiful Places

Delta state also have a lot of beautiful places to visit and I wish I had pictures to show for it, it's a place worth visiting but I wish to still explore my country Nigeria more and see for myself if Delta state is really my favorite place.

All that said, we'll keep praying and hoping things change for the best in our country Nigeria. We have the resources to be happy in it but the Government aren't helping issues so we've got to think of what will keep us happy till the long awaited change comes.

All images used are gotten from pexels

Thanks for reading!!!

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Written by Β Β 16
2 months ago
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