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Mothers And Multitasking

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3 months ago

I was on my way coming back from service today when I saw a woman walking with her two kids, making a call and also trying to cross the road. I felt it was dangerous but she didn't seem to be scared or worried at all, she crossed the road with so much ease and her kids follow her obediently.

I watched how she held them together after the call ended and they laughed together as they continued their walk, I was like "Aren't mothers just so talented?"

Almost all mothers if not all, are involved in the act of multitasking especially mothers whose kids are below 15.

Mothers are the ones who are to do most of the work at home

  • They have to prepare the meals

  • They have to bath the kids

  • They have to do laundry

  • They have to go to the market and lots of other work.

From what we know,

Multitasking is doing so many tasks at the same time.

Mothers are the perfect example of people who multitask. Can't remember how it was with my mum as I didn't stay long with her but I know so many mothers who are so used to this act and I'll be using my aunt as an example... That woman is a good one when it comes to multitasking.

My aunt is married with three daughters and the eldest daughter is still below 10, she has a frozen foods and provision shop which she manages herself. Even though her sister in law and elder sister lives with her, it's almost as if she does most of the work in the house.

My aunt could be preparing breakfast, doing laundry and preparing a hot bath for her kids. While doing all that, you would see her making different calls with her customers to sell off some of her sales commodities. I'm always amazed at the way she does all these without feeling too stressed out or forgetting some things half way.

Yeah, being a multitasker may also mean doing so many things at the same time and not doing some things very well but my aunt is different in the case.

I don't know how it feels to be a mother just yet but I'm guessing that multitasking habit grows in women after giving birth because I never knew my aunt that way before having her kids.

Her kids have made her a strong and busy mother who cares for her kids a lot. And the amazing thing about her is that she prefers doing all those work than sitting idle at home to take care of just the kids like her husband suggested.

Have you seen a mother trying to feed her kids who are refusing to eat?

It can be so stressful but I've watched how my aunt runs around with her kids just to get a spoonful in their mouths. While she's doing that, breakfast for her husband is also getting prepared... Really amazing.

Mothers are very talented I must say, they are strong and very active when it comes to their kids. Even though there are mothers who forget some things in the process of multitasking like my neighbor who forgot to wear her kid an underwear, they are still very talented.

But then, I may be exaggerating the whole thing. Is it possible for a multitasking mother to do everything well with no issues?

Can a mother make a meal, bath her kids and do the house laundry at the same time and not lag behind in one of them?

It's not easy at all, I can imagine but mothers find themselves doing all these just to meet up with time especially when preparing their kids for school.

You can imagine how harder it will be for a mother who has to go to work early in the mornings, waking up very early to multi-task would be their almost routine.

Mothers are Amazing, really!

Thanks for reading!!!

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Written by   16
3 months ago
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I give kudos to every true mothers out there. The first experience I had was my Uncle's wife, mehn she knows how to multitask. She would have woken up at 4am every day and being a teacher, she would prepare breakfast, bath her children, make sure she gives her husband food before leaving home with the children. When she comes back home again, she still does different things at the same time. You know mothers wouldn't want their works to be left unsolved? They are just too good in that. Should I say multitasking is a skill? 😅😅

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3 months ago

Yeah, we can say it's a skill. They're very talented

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3 months ago

Honestly, everyday should be mother’s day Mothers are really trying God bless our mothers

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3 months ago

I agree with you totally about that, those set of humans are amazing

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3 months ago