What is this world turning into?

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"The gift of a bad man can bring no good." — Euripides

There seems to be more evil than good these days. The rate at which crime is increasing in our society today is very alarming and seriously needs to be checked. And the scary thing about it is that these bad things happen to good and innocent people.

On Thursday evening, I was told about a very criminal offence. Just because you have a disease does not mean everybody has to have it too or just because you experienced a very bad thing does not make it a yardstick for everyone to go through the same.

Let me get to the point. A lady was arrested by the police because she shared a very communicable disease to everyone that tasted her product. She sells zobo and her Zobo is known to be very rich in quality and at the same time cheap.

Zobo is called Hibiscus in English. You drink the juice by boiling it. Then you soft the juice from it. Add sugar and any flavor of your choice then cool in the refrigerator. People prefer to drink this instead of carbonated drinks since it is very natural.

Back to the story. This lady discovered that she had contracted HIV. So she cut herself daily and inject the blood into the Zobo she sells. And you know HIV spreads via blood transfusion meaning everyone who drinks the Zobo might likely have HIV too.

No wonder some people don't like to drink or eat in public. They prefer to prepare it at home by themselves using good water and quality ingredients.

We have to be very careful by making sure that what we are consuming will in no way have side effects and affect our body.

I know of a very big restaurant not too far from where I live, their food tastes really good. The restaurant itself is very clean just as it should be. A close relative of mine worked in their kitchen a few years ago. He was placed in the kitchen. He said their kitchen is the opposite of how the restaurant itself is—dirty.

He said the owner of the shop whenever she is around adds leftovers to the untouched food. Whether it is rice or soup she will add it back. She claims she doesn't want it to waste once asked by a member of her staff. Imagine buying such food, just imagine. It means you are eating another person's leftover and still paying for it! Which is so uncalled for and inappropriate.

This is not to discourage us from eating outside. You can do a background check before you go ahead and eat something. You can even ask around from people about the neatness of the person who cooked the food or the place you are buying it from.

Don't be deceived by the flamboyant packaging, a lot is going on in the background.

And lastly, don't forget to eat healthy so as to live healthy.

Thanks for reading 😍

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This is a good reminder so we would be remain vigilant, and prefer to prepare our own food at home than eating outside. Those incidents can be happened everywhere.

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3 months ago

True my friend that's why it's better to cook foods at home because it's safe than eating outside because we don't know if it is clean or not.

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4 months ago

the government should check, just like in our municipality, FDA "food drug authority" has the power to check every vendor especially street vendors who have macro business checking if their product is safe

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4 months ago

That lady was definitely a Psycho doing such an inhumane act. Agreed the bads are more now and it just keeps on increasing.

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4 months ago

That's why it is much better to prepare our own food to avoid such risk. We spend less and made sure it's healthy and clean.

How inhuman it was for the lady to do such thing in her product. That was horrible😔

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4 months ago