My Favorite Love Story.

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6 months ago

I am lucky enough to be nourished in a house where I observe my favorite love story of all the time...

Are you guys excited to know, whom I am talking about,

Then, Wait, Wait, and Wait

Hehe, Sorry for wait let's start,😁

You guys had already heard about different love stories of different fairy tails in different movies but all in the fantasy world. Here instead of perishing down into a dreamy world let's meet a Real love story.

"My Parents Love story"

So, you guys have now an idea I am talking about none other than my parent's marriage. I will try to cover everything about their love story, especially

  • How an arranged marriage converts in to love marriage &

  • How did my dad change his personality from an irresponsible self into a successful businessman?

" My mom interpreted me that her parents are not ready to give her hand to my father's parents even though they are cousins coz that time my father had no job and was an irresponsible guy who was just fond of buying a car and then selling them one after one in lose. Not only this but baba was living his life in a way full of fun on his father's money rather than making her own. Time passes after a lot of struggle from my Grandmother somehow my father will get on track, umm but not completely. The miracles happen when last time my Grandparents not only request but give them thread too, for my mom's hand. After a lot of discussion and debates finally, My mom's parents said "It's a Yes".

I have read somewhere, "Whenever a girl comes to his husband's house after marriage she takes her own sustenance and fates with her"

After my parent's marriage, in just a month my father got an appointment letter from his favorite field CSS. Isn't my mom's feet a blessing to my father's house?

With the passing of every minute, my dad was getting mature enough to become a responsible husband and stand on his own feet with his job achievements rather than growing up on his parent's money.

My mom's love and care for my dad have changed him a lot as a person and after two years of their marriage, They become parents.

Now, after being successful in becoming a good Son and Good Husband the next mission for him was the Good Father.

And without any doubt, he also ratified this mission successfully too.

He not only motivates me at my worst but also gives me wings to fly up in the sky in my good time.

I am always thankful to Allah Almighty for bringing me up in this family where I can see a beautiful couple that loves each other endlessly in good and bad situations of their life One thing I always like in their relationships is that there are no gender roles in a marriage. They both are equal partners in everything. May it be their job, housekeeping, grocery, schooling of children, savings, earning for a house or so many other things.

That's the reason I always idealized the relationship between my parents because they always support each other in the thick and thin days of their life.

In my sweet home, I learned that marriage is a beautiful relationship that is made of love and respect. Respect each other and love each other every single day not only this but they support each other in their challenging time too.

This is the beauty of a relationship and this is what a successful and happy marriage looks like...

Concluding thoughts:-

Respect, Loyalty, and understanding are the major principles in every relationship. In this Modern era People are lacking in it that's why they end up in divorce and breakup modes but I wish everyone a happy life ahead.

Well, what is your favorite relationship and what has it taught you?

​let's interact in the comments section.

For now, bye-bye take care.

The End...

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6 months ago


A good start is seeing a good relationship when we are raised:) Not everyone sees that especially now that separations and divorces are way up.

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5 months ago

I'd say humor and fun are also vital in a marriage 🙂

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5 months ago

Hehe, I agree

Yes, oops I forgot my dad never misses a chance to make jokes. he is too good at mimicry.

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5 months ago