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How do you describe a friend?

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1 year ago
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Making friends is easy where in we just talk, laugh, and argue. Friends are everywhereand ecerybody can be your friends. No age limit when making friends so long as you het along each other but most of the time we have to show RESPECT to them. Well if you cannot stand it better keep quiet and calm yourself.

Every friend you meet have their own abilities, attitudes, weaknesses, strengths and many more...

A friend can be good, or bad, and even in between; however, that’s not enough to describe them or the friendship you share.

Here are some describing a friend:


A person who often makes the group alive and everybody are enjoying with their company while relaxing and hacing some fun. A person who cracks jokes, facial expressions, story telling with actions and many more.

I can say that I am a funny person too sometimes I often make them laugh by cracking jokes.


A person who never get tired of listening to whatever you wanna share to him/her. They try to understand you that's why sometimes they just keep quiet and observe.

I am a good listener and I can also give some advice to them so long as I can but if I don't really know what to say I just say "just keep on praying to God and He will do the rest and also help yourself."


A person who shares what they have without asking or waiting for any returns what's important is that you shared or given to them happily and heartily it's big enough already.

I am also a giving person so long as I can but if not they k ow already the reason why I can't.


A person who shows his/her love in anyway that evryone can appreciates wetjer small gestures do.

I am a loving person.


A person who does not lie or cheat. A person who can say their own observations frankly so long as it's really the truth.

I am not perfect person that's why I cannot say that I don't lie but I am honest in every intention I have to make and I know that it would be better that way sometimes. I doubt so is you?

What about you? How do you describe a friend in your own way?

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Written by   4
1 year ago
Topics: Freewrite
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A friend is someone that even you are not always communicating you know that they are just there. Congrats on your first article. make it a 3 minute article next time so that the bot will find you out in due time.

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1 year ago

Thank you so much. Yes I will do more and make it more. I just tried and I think I can do it also.

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1 year ago