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Hospitable……does still exist???

One of the most popular characteristics of Filipinos is being hospitable which incorporated in my mind since I entered school aside from their “bayanihan”, using “po and opo” (showing respect to older people than them) and “mano po” (where you get the hand of your mother,father,aunt,uncle,grandmother, grandfather the put it on your forehead showing respect)

What is Hospitable?

Hospitable is a friendly and welcoming strangers or guests in your place, location, and/or house.

It is also to accept other people to build genuine relationships and friendships.

What is a hospitable person?

When someone makes you feel comfortable and at home, providing a warm, friendly environment. Anything hospitable is welcoming and open.

Why being hospitable is very important?

This will show who you really are and also how you care for them who came all the way your place or your house for a quick visit, longer stay for vacation, helping someone in need due to certain circumstances such like no place to stay or lost their way.

It is where you are giving them permission to bring whatever they carry with them into your space to be shared. Being hospitable matters because it feeds the most basic human need that we all have, to feel loved and accepted.

Are there any disadvantages of being hospitable?

In everything that we show or act will always reflect either on your part or the other way around.

Being hospitable is really good wherever you go. You will meet good and bad people. Some will really show that they are happy to help or you stay with them heartily and some have other intentions why they accepted you to be with them. The other one is that someone you accept or help be the one to criticize your being hospitable to others positive or negative.

From my experience

Way back in 2008, a relative working in China invites me to visit the country and work as a Foreign teacher. Since I'm new to that country she assisted me well and I was really thankful. But the sad part is that she haven't find a suitable school for me to teach on. So there, I need to renew my tourist visa again to find another scho. At that time visa thing for Filipinos was very hard to renew so we need to go out to China to get a new visa then come back. I am with two more person needs to go to a country to renew visa and arranged it and decided to land in Malaysia. Arrived in Malaysia safely but my luggage was missing where some needed documents are in there and nowhere to find we also asked the airport but we never got it back and our pocket money was running out. The three of us needs to move out from the hotel and nowhere to go. While walking at Kota Raya(a mall where mostly Filipinos are gathered) we heard people speaking our language so we talked to them, "kabayan". We shared our problem to her without hesitation she helped us and accepted us in their accomodation.We were really thankful that someone helped us during the time that we have nothing at all and they trusted us right away. They welcomed us as if we were a family. We became friends and until now we still contact each other. We meet friends there and enjoyed their company

They helped us find a place for work and one of my friend had hers but the two of us needs to go back home.

Same year, luckily I got back to China and found a school for me. I was welcomed heartily so there I worked with them with all my best. Rumors before that Chinese people are rude and disrespectful and news I get to watch on tv. But that was a big mistake. Based ony experience, at first I was really afraid but then I got my courage to take the risk and there meeting them made me happy and shows their hospitality. They greet you with a smile, provide food for you, and even though there is language barrier but still making it up to understand each other.

As conclusion, being hospitable is shown wherever you go. Importantly, we should learn and show respect, appreciation, and acceptance.

Thank you and more power.

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Written by   4
1 year ago
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