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Death... Comes anytime when it's time..

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1 year ago
Topics: Reality

Everyone is given a chance to live in this world but some are not lucky due to several reasons. It's hurting for them but we don't really hold our destiny and we really don't know and only God knows.

Death will always be there at this moment, later tonight, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Eventhough you're healthy or sick death is a partner of life that we can never control it even if we wanted to.

Manners of death

I know that you are aware about the manners of death such as natural, accident, suicide, homicide, and undetermined.


It is when a person's death is due to old age or a disease.

An example of this is when my beloved grandmother died due to her old age. We cried and saddened of her death but atleast we accepeted that it is her time to rest and be with our late grandfather.


It is unnatural death where in it suddenly happened without you knowing that it occur such like slip and fall, collision, accidental poisoning, accidental hit and run and drowning, hospital operation failure and others.


It is a death where a person kill them selves or taking their own life anytime due to depression, bullying, drugs, too much alcohol, loneliness, hopeless and many more.

This really shocks the world because we don't really know that some will really do what they say or mean it.Some will just joke it around but you don't know that it will be his or her chance to end their lives.

I was really down before and feeling hopeless when my husband cheated on me. I loved and trusted him much that's why I allowed him to go abroad for a living but then he cheated. I thought of suiciding but As I see my daughter smiling at me even when I am crying makes me realize that it's not good to do it so I really prayed and ask for forgiveness to God to what I am about to do that I will not do it. And there I am still here alive and kicking, adjusting just me and my daughter with my family's and friends support of love amd comfort.


It is a death killed by someone intentionally or what we call murder. On this part I don't really know why they do it and some and yet they feel happy about. It is really sad but true but some do it for protection, relieve their fear to the person or maybe they just want it.

Everytime I hear or watch news like this I don't feel at ease at all and sometimes I feel pity and cry especiallt when talk about family mursers, or kids killed. We don't understand or may know other people's thinking.

As to conclusion

In everything that we do, we need to think slowly and wisely, be ready because when it's time it's time. Prayer is a big help that will strengthen your self. When you are feeling down don't hide it, try to share it to someone you know who can give advise and understand what you are going through.

Death is not something you get over. It's the rip that exposes life in a before and after chasm, and all you can do is try to exist as best you can in the after. Lily Graham

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Life is eternal, and love is immortal,Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight. Rossiter Worthington

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Written by   4
1 year ago
Topics: Reality
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