What does the future have for me?

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1 year ago

Good day to you all here on readcash

Today is surely another beautiful day on the earth's surface. All praises and adoration be to the source that created life and all in it. We are alive today which is not by our power or by our well-being but all by the grace of the Almighty. Many have slept just like we did yesterday but we’re unable to make it alive, some made it alive but were not in good condition 😫 The main concern is to appreciate your condition, be contented, and make sure to have it in mind that no condition in life remains permanent.

Most times I think about it and I know those thoughts might always come to us too at times, times when we wonder about life and why some things are just happening to us naturally. Most times we try fighting so hard against all of those occurrences not to happen that way in our lives but at the end of it all we find out we just die trying.

I look at the world we live in, why aren’t we equal everything would have just been so simple, no cause for oppression and depression, no cause for happiness and sadness, no cause for joy and hatred, no cause for celebration and jubilation. What if everything was just as equal, with no top class and lower class, no time of bitterness and prosperity? What would the world we live in look like?!

But the answer to the inequality of life is that “ that’s what makes the world a better place to be, as it brings along hope and merriment, Brings along dreams and goals, targets and accomplishments, reality and grace. The inequality in life is what would make us struggle to become better, that’s what would make men struggle for change in their lives. What about destiny? Men would still try and struggle to work towards their destiny.

Back to my topic of the day. What does the future have for me?

Yeah, I would love to think about two things unknown to me and what I wish and pray for, and also work towards accomplishing them. That’s the life I want, but another question is what if? That’s not the life I am destined to live.

Rich or poor

Most times we turn it to our prayer points about becoming a wealthy soul. We always hope for the best for ourselves and just like I have said above, all of us in the world cannot be rich and also all of us cannot be poor. There are to be the men with riches so that they can help and grow the poor men. There is a need for poor men so that the rich can also have a reason to spend their wealth. I don’t know what the future has for me in this regard. Which would I be?

I am also working towards becoming a wealthy man on earth because there is a saying that “aim for the moon and if you can’t get it you land among the stars”. I know that I might not be destined to be that wealthy. I never want to be poor. I pray god helps me and you.

Die young or grow old

Another amazing thing that remains hidden from everyone in this world is the day our souls would no longer be ours. Yeah, we can’t say when the time would come that we would take our last breath. Just like I have said before, we can’t remain equal in this world of ours. If we are all to leave the world at a certain age then there is no reason to struggle and have a lot of hopes. But having it unknown to us remains a mystery that would make everyone prepare for it coming at any point in time. The question pops up: what if? Am I young and hoping to grow old? And I didn’t? What if I thought I would grow old then I leave young? What if?.

I pray to grow older but not too old too. I would love a nice existence during my old days.

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1 year ago


The mystery of death is what still make it death. It's unknown date never seize to baffle humans. How and when it'll happen is what we wouldn't know, no matter how hard we try

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