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9 months ago

Good day to you all here on readcash.

It’s always a pleasure to be alive again today and also among those who witnessed a wonderful and amazing day today. All glory and adoration to the Almighty God for his mercy upon us all.

Every day is another day.

One thing I realized about life is that you need to create happiness for yourself. Happiness is free but not something that is distributed all around, so it is left to you to fight and make sure you get one for yourself. Sometimes some people say money brings happiness, which is kind of true because when you have money and you can satisfy your needs and wants, and then you can make yourself happy.

Money isn’t everything

That is the reality because many people have multiple folds of the amount in your account yet they still can’t buy what they want with it. One thing they can’t buy with the money is their life, once it’s time and the amount of duration they live in life is over, no matter the amount they have in the bank they can never buy back their life.

Another thing money can’t buy is time. Time flies and once it's gone, it’s gone forever and will never come back ever again. I am not scared of death but time looks scarier because it’s like a chain drawing us closer to death.

Ourselves first

No matter the table of hierarchy let’s always remember that we are very important, our health, and many other things about us should take priority. The amazing fact is that once we are gone, people might feel sad but for just a little while and then some moments after that life goes on. I am not saying we shouldn’t care for others, but don’t be a Good Samaritan to the extent that you care while you are dying off. Don’t be like the lantern or lamp 🪔 that would spread light to the world and forget the give itself some light.

Be good to others

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The reason why I would always like everyone to be good to each other is that no matter the goodness you spread to others it takes nothing from you. Nothing from you. And if you also decided to take it the other way round, it never adds anything to you also. But there is always something that comes back in return for not taking anything from you but it adds. If you remain good to others you would surely be appreciated, respected, and also get good in return. And if you remain the bad type then you might receive one in return too.

To me, I gave myself a principle which is “ I would always try my best to make sure I pay back all bad actions thrown towards me with good vibes”. Good for good and also good for bad. This way I would have to worry less about people’s thoughts about me.

You can’t be the best, do your best and leave the rest.

There is always someone way ahead of you, and those ahead of you would always see someone ahead of them too. Likewise, if we look below us we realize there are people down below us the same way we are down below some others. You can’t be perfect in life and that is it. You can’t expect yourself to be the best. Aim for the moon and if you can’t get there you find yourself among the stars. The position you are in today is surely a stepping stone to another.

No condition is permanent

Today is all we know, no one knows tomorrow. Then today we are just a phase of life no one knows tomorrow. The rich man today might turn out to be poor tomorrow and that poor man of today might be the rich man tomorrow. No matter the condition we find ourselves in today, we should always make sure we keep our calm and pray for a better life than our present life.

These are my thoughts for today’s Wednesday being the last Wednesday of June. Next Wednesday will be in July and we keep counting. Make sure you have a nice day ahead.

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9 months ago


Good vibes all the way💯 Doing this will even make you emotionally stable

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9 months ago

These are some of the true facts, by acting on which we can make our life meaningful and full of peaceful. Its true nothing is permanent, if bad time comes, good also follow behind.

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9 months ago