My bucket list. Dream or Reality

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1 year ago

Good day to you all here on readcash

Today is surely another beautiful day on the earth's surface. All praises and adoration be to the source that created life and all in it. We are alive today which is not by our power or by our well-being but all by the grace of the Almighty. Many have slept just like we did yesterday but we’re unable to make it alive, some made it alive but are not in good condition 😫.

We all have our hopes and we have plans too. We have dreams and we keep praying for a better life for ourselves. No one wants to live a life filled with sadness. There is nothing bad about having hopes and dreams but the reality about having those things is that when you don’t work towards them then you know they will remain a dream forever. A dream that’s being worked on is what we know as reality.

How about a bucket list?

We all have one too but it might vary from one person to another, the same way it varies from one age to another. The bucket list we had when we were younger might change when we become adults and reality sets in. At times we give time and await the outcome.

My bucket list

I would be highlighting a few things on my bucket list. It doesn’t truly define me but just what I wish for myself and I hope I can accomplish them with time. Part of the list I have accomplished is getting to finish college and get into a higher institution too. That was accomplished and I am grateful to the almighty for that. The next on my list was to serve my nation. I also aimed for that and worked towards it too and by the grace of God, it also became a success.

On my awaiting bucket list

Good paying job:

It’s not so easy in this so-called country of ours to be able to get a job immediately after you are done serving the country, except if you are connected with people at the top. Gone are the days when all these were put in place, days when after you finished school you would have a job waiting for you at your doorstep. Everything has turned around now, what a country we find ourselves in.

I would love to see myself working in a better position with a good income, either private or government parastatals. After that, I would have the opportunity to move on to another part of my bucket list.


Right now after getting a perfect job for myself then the next thing for me is to get myself a good spouse and start another phase of my life. It’s not easy getting married but I hope for the best.


After getting married and having a family plan then we also pray to be blessed with righteous children who would be a blessing to our eyes and also a blessing to the world at large.

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I think that would be a dream of every adult person. I wish you all the best for it.

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