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It’s been a while.

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1 month ago

Life has been turning out to be whatever it turns out to be. We have to experience different things at different stages of our lives and that is practically the way it would continue to happen till the end of life.

Nothing is found to be permanent. We all have to come to the world, contribute our quota and leave just like our predecessors have done and nothing would change.

The best is to make sure one is happy with the existence they are. And also have it at the back of our mind that we only live once. No time to check time as the clock keeps ticking Tick Tock! And our days are on the countdown. So why still put that little energy left towards hatred, jealousy, and envying others? Instead, you should be happy for them and pray for yours.

Yeah. It’s indeed been a while here on readcash and I would say I must have missed a lot. I don’t know maybe this might be due to the bear market or something else but I could feel the vibes on readcash have reduced. But all in all, as I said above nothing remains permanent.

My yesterday ramblings

Yesterday was just another hectic day for me as I have to make sure I go out and make some deliveries of the goods I sell to people in the environment where I reside. Yeah, it was stressful in the sense that I had to keep trekking and trekking before I could even get to some customers' locations and some of them are kinda funny, they would terminate their order when you get to their doorstep due to price factor or the other. But all in all, that’s no qualms since I already got used to it.

Then afterward, I had to do some heavy laundry 🧺 too which I later ended up doing nothing because I slept off so bad for up to four hours. When I woke up, I was thinking if the laundry would be possible or not.

Moments later, my friend came into the room to call me about the documentation we intended to go for so I quickly dressed up and got myself prepared to meet up with them. We went on as a group and it was indeed fun but who knows what would happen in the future? We got to the Local government area for the documentation, as anticipated we thought it should be something easily done, get there, make necessary submissions, thumbprint and leave the venue. But the story turned out to be another way.

Everyone has successfully registered since morning but upon our arrival, we got the news that the system got faulty. We waited for hours probably if there would be changes but no positive response. At the end of it all, another piece of news was regretfully announced to us that we would have to go back home and check back some other day.

I could feel the expression on everyone's faces, 😆. I just had to put on a fake smile like I was fine which I wasn’t because I already lost my money and was stressed out too.

I learned a lesson from the occurrence and that is: there are times we make plans and they come to pass but we can never rest assured that our plans would surely work out the way we expected. We make plans but only God almighty execute them into reality.

I would be back here again on readcash and have some more fun time to spend with everyone. I know I already miss you all, but I am not so sure if you guys missed me 😂 😂 😂. See you all again.


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Written by   134
1 month ago
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Most of us were invisible here, and have just make their comeback. I hope now we would try to be active. So yesterday was a busy day for you.

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1 month ago