Did you appreciate the Almighty God today?

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6 months ago

Good day to you all here on readcash

Today is surely another beautiful day on the earth's surface. All praises and adoration be to the source that created life and all in it. We are alive today which is not by our power or by our well-being but all by the grace of the Almighty. Many have slept just like we did yesterday but we’re unable to make it alive, some made it alive but are not in good condition 😫.

Many things keep happening around the world nowadays. I was so sad while I was watching the recent occurrence in Pakistan. The terrible flood that had caused a lot of damage to some parts of the country. I am very much sure if they were told such a thing would happen to them two months back they would deny and forbid bad occurrences upon themselves.

Many times we don’t appreciate whatever we have not until we lose them. Losing them might make us realize how valuable they are to us. I read a post on Facebook where a sick old man had to visit the hospital for treatment. Within 24 hours he was passed oxygen to support his life. At the end of it all, he recovered and was billed for what they offered. He saw the amount that was billed for the oxygen he received for 24 hours and busted into tears 😭.

The doctor tried to calm him by telling him not to worry much about the payment because of his health. The old man then replied that “money isn’t the problem” but if he could pay this amount for oxygen for just 24 hours of his life, what of the God who had been providing him oxygen for over 70 years of his life? How much does he have to pay God for what he has done?

The doctor cried and appreciated what God has done in their lives. We never can know the value of our eyesight not until we see the blind ones or whenever we ask those who have been seeing before and couldn’t see anymore.

We never can know the value of waking up sound and healthy not until we get to the sick bay and witness those who couldn’t sleep at all or we get to witness those who are always forced to sleep just to relieve them of the pain they are passing through.

How much do you have to appreciate yourself walking all around majestically and yet still complaining of not having a ride to take you to places? Have you forgotten to take a look at those who have a lot of rides but they couldn’t drive them due to their encounter with accidents, have you taken a look at the disabled? What do you have to say about that?

For every condition we find ourselves in this life we should always remain grateful. Because life is not always about competition when you remember you came into this world alone without competing with anyone and so you would leave without competition.

We might not be living the kind of luxurious life we want today but tomorrow is always another day for us. Changes can occur at any time in our lives as much as we are still breathing. So why worry yourself so much in the future that you are not even guaranteed to witness? I am not saying we should plan for the future, but make sure you appreciate your progress alongside.


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6 months ago