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Success: Journey to the peak

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2 months ago
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Who am I to have something to say about success?

Most times I do think success is just meant for some people, taking a good look at many scenarios in life, the rich and the poor, the literate and illiterate, the fool and the wise ones, the old and the young, then one would see that success isn’t present everywhere. Rather success is just being successful.

Maybe I should just try citing a few examples.

There were days in the past when I was in my elementary school, there were some sets of pupils that would always take the first three positions in the class, they kept on dragging it between themselves. But the rest battle below. Imagine 😂

Though there is nothing much for me to think back then. I was just a newbie in class, but thieve set of pupils is just so special. I heard gist about them from classmates. Even teachers give them special attention because of their intelligence.

Most times after questions are being thrown at the class they would be the ones to raise their hands up then the class teacher would tell them to drop their hands and point at others when most don’t have an answer to the question then it’s get thrown at any of them to answer.

This has been like there is something behind this and maybe they get favored by the class teacher or something similar. I never bothered myself but tried hard to make sure I got a better position in the class but at the end of the day, I could make it to the top ten 😂.

Maybe I was just as dull as I thought. I was scared to take my results home to my parents to check, but when I showed my mum then she said “My boy you did so great! You can surely do better next term”

These few words from my mum made me feel like I already topped the class but it wasn’t an easy task to be done that easy. She told me to buckle my shoes and not to relent, one thing she has always been doing and didn’t stop till I got to my secondary school level was that she would always take us extra classes on every textbook we have for the next session ahead of time during the vacation. Then when we get to class the following session it would look like we are having revisions of what we already learned at home.

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The last exam of the session came and I could meet up the task I was to accomplish. I came in 5th position in the class. Then I was happy I was making my way up the ladder and was rest assured I would make it to the top next time. My mum taught us some essential textbooks and topics ahead of the next session as usual then I had to face the three musketeers topping the class. I tried my best, all my best this time around, to cut the story short we got our results and I finally made it to the second position in the class. There is more to this story as it gets tougher and tougher, the competition grew among ourselves and it was even more awesome.

One thing I want to derive from this story is that I wouldn’t have made it to the top 3 in class that day if not for the gradual process to progress.

No shortcut to success

Many would say what if they could find some other means towards achieving success in life faster than their time. Maybe there would be a faster way out towards attaining success.

Little did they know about the fact that success cannot be shortened, you have to pass through the pace, follow the right path, wait for the perfect timing and attain it with ease. The road to success might come so smoothly and easily to some people, but most times the road to success always remains rough and scrubby. Many found themselves at herbalist homes trying to sort out an easy route to make money, little did they know that if those prescriptions from those herbalists could push them toward making money on time they (herbalists) would have done it for themselves first.

Determination determines success

When you are focused and determined then you get to hit success at the peak. But lack of determination could just make you wander around for a very long time before you attain success

I once made a sketch with the write-up DETERMINATION DETERMINES SUCCESS and posted it on the entrance to our home. It was there for a long time and everyone could read it and some even gave compliments on it. I was happy I could make meaningful artwork because I was determined. Not until the day I failed one of my entrance examinations then my Mum told me to go outside to the doorstep and read what’s presented to my face

I felt ashamed of myself but the following exam was a better one

Prayer is the key to success

To become successful in life, we have to be steadfast in prayer. Like it has been said that prayer is the sword of a true believer, never believe that anyone is after you or even after your success in life!

When things seem to go wrong just make sure you PUSH





This is just some kind of inspiration that one can always have in mind. When things come to our taste we have to pray and when it comes the other way round prayer is the only way out of it.

Life is multidimensional I say!

This is my write up to @JonicaBradley prompt word “SUCCESS”

Thanks so much for reading


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Written by   38
2 months ago
Topics: Life, Writing, Freewrite, Personal, Goals, ...
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Success doesn't come easy like that. One has to determine just as your prescription and keep working towards it. If you hadn't worked hard to meet up with those pupils, you wouldn't have gotten the second position. Your mom too did the best by taking you with those topics before school resumes. This is what is expected of every parents to their children.

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2 months ago

Exactly. That’s why it has been said that mothers are the children first teacher

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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2 months ago

Prayers indeed is the greatest weapon we can do in order to achieve our goal. Nothing beats sincere prayer. And congratulations on your achievement.

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2 months ago

Thanks so much my dear friend You have said the pure fact

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2 months ago