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How good are you when it comes to eating? I'm sure you love eating delicious foods as it tastes so well. What's your favorite food? And how much money do you spend to buy it?

Every year, food products became higher and higher when it comes to fees or payments. In our place, vegetables range from 70 PHP to 120 PHP. Fruits range from 30 PHP to 200 PHP. It varies depending on the season. But buying food is certainly costly. It will make your wallet look pitiful after.

But, did you know that you can save your money from buying some food? Precisely, you can start growing your food at home.

Pandemic advantages

This pandemic teaches us, people, to use our time wisely and productively. On my end... My Mom and brother use their time planting different kinds of veggies. They enjoy doing it, while I was just happy for their productivity. 😅 I'm not that hardworking when it comes to planting, so my job is cooking and eating. 👏🏽 By the way, I don't know the feeling of excitement that time when it comes to planting and what it feels when it grows. While my brother and Mom always boasted about their plant and how it grew so well. I didn't appreciate it that much coz I'm not budgeting money for our everyday needs. I just know that we can get something in our backyard when we need something to cook. That's a great help indeed. And I know a lot of you also did that this pandemic season. I saw a lot of pictures on Facebook and other social media accounts of how things work so well this pandemic, especially when it comes to planting.

How I started planting

Now that I was the one budgeting money for our food, I can see how it benefits us a lot when we have plants in our backyard. The only thing you need is soil, seed, and water. Sunlight is free. Then it will grow shortly.

I started planting last month, March to be exact. I just try to fulfill what my husband asks me to do. We get seeds from the veggies scrap, dry them, and plant it accordingly.

I watered it every day. Twice a day, morning and late afternoon. Time passes by but it doesn't grow. No sign of prospering. Just plain soil. I got a little hesitant at first if it will grow, coz just like what I stated I'm not a person who loves planting. But still, I watered it consistently. Morning and afternoon.

5 days have passed, it sprouted. 😍 Do you know the feeling of having a new member of a family? It's like I created a baby. It's my first time planting and I was so happy when it grew. I cannot explain how happy I was. But it's worth the wait.

First sprout 🌱

This is the first sprout. I took a picture of it coz I feel so proud of myself. 😁 That day, 2 sprouts germinated. I planted it in a can by the way. It's the only available area for new plants. Day has passed, still watering it twice a day then another can produce its sprout.

Three seed buds 🌱🌱🌱

So I have three seed buds now. But it doesn't end there. Finally, another seed bloomed. Here it is. 👇🏽

3 cans 🗑

3 cans out of 5 cans succeeded. I was happy and didn't expect I can plant too. 😅

What I learn in planting

This is the best part about planting. I am a person who loves learning simply. Planting helps me realize one thing: "Be consistent and have faith." Why did I end up with this statement? Well, like what I experience... My seed grew after 5 days. While some people who planted, see the result after 2 days or 3. If I will compare, mine was different. I nearly surrender. But I'm happy I didn't. Also, it doesn't grow one at a time. Everything has its own time. Every other day I think was the gap. But still, it blooms. It doesn't matter which comes first, or who did last. What matters is they grow.

Same with life. There comes a time when we saw how other people become successful in their lives. Some became successful at a young age. At that time, maybe we feel down. Coz we're comparing our growth. But just like the seed, if you keep on watering it, and have faith in it, someday, it will grow. Just be consistent and have belief.

Also, maybe you're in a situation where you already achieve what you wanted. You're too happy with what you succeed in. But what we didn't know after it, a lot of opportunities open. It's like the 2 cans that grow the next day. You're happy with just one blessing, but a lot more one after another.

This also teaches me to be consistent on this platform. I can see that a lot of good authors received good tips and upvotes. Well, they deserve it as what I observe. But if I keep on writing, like watering myself every day. I know one day I will grow and grow and grow. This is just the beginning. Maybe I'm just on the first day of watering. Can't wait to see the result after 5 days. 😁

Anyways, say hi to them now as I transferred them to the backyard.

Bitter gourd ☘

They are growing so well and face the reality. Transferring them to the real world is like putting them in an open opportunity. I like comparing my life to this plant. LOL. Well, the can was so small for them to grow. And they wouldn't grow on that as you can imagine. But putting them in a broad backyard can help them get the right nutrients and grow freely. So compared again to our lives, don't be afraid to try something new or putting yourself in a different situation or new opportunity. Instead, view yourself as a plant that needs a lot more nutrients to sustain life and grow more where the opportunity is wide open.

My plant today

Because of the successful plantation 😅, I am now convinced that I can plant seeds that grow shortly. Bitter gourd became successful. So the next seed that I planted is the squash and bottle gourd.

Dirty can 🗑🤦🏽‍♀️

Sorry for the can. 😅 It got so dirty as time passes by. 5 cans I used for the seeds but as usual, only 3 grow. I don't know what's happening to the 2 always. 🙄 Anyway, just like the bitter gourd... I will soon transfer this to the backyard. Let them live their life to the fullest. LOL.

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