Our First-Ever Tragedy As a Couple (Summary)

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"Where there is a problem there is an opportunity to learn something new." — Nitin Namdeo

What was your most unforgettable experience during the pandemic times? Maybe you suffered from depression, experienced covid yourself, or what is worse is witnessing how it killed your relatives and friends.

We, as a couple experienced staying at the hospital during the pandemic times. And I'm telling you that's the WORST experience we've encountered so far. It's a near-death experience.

Let me share with you what happened at that time and how we solve it.

My mother-in-law has been struggling with her cough. She can't sleep because of it and can't simply lie down. It's been 10 days since she started experiencing it. Day by day my hubby checked her. And convinced her to go to the hospital. But she refuses. She doesn't trust the hospital. Or even the doctors on it due to some former experiences.

Until one day, her body can no longer handle the sleepless nights or even the phlegm that needs to be released. She can't breathe normally and doesn't want to drink even a small amount of water. This is not good as she can't survive in this kind of situation.

My hubby and father-in-law decided to bring her to the hospital. That time she immediately undergoes a rapid test which resulted positive.

That hospital advised us to get ready as we were going to be transferred to the nearest hospital that accepted covid patients. We were all shocked as we were not expecting her to be positive.

That moment as we were in the ambulance, my hubby can't control his emotions. He faced me with his teary-eyed stating how afraid he was to lose his Mom. I don't know what to say to comfort him, but looking at the positive side... I just told him to be strong coz he will be our Mom's strength. He must show that he's not losing hope in the situation. That statement comforted him a little, holding his Mom's hand and tapping her head.

As we arrived at the hospital, my mother-in-law became conscious while having a cold sweat. She undergoes some tests, x-rays, and checkups.

Until the doctor told us that only 1 person is allowed to be with her. No choice I need to go out. My hubby is more capable to be with her at that moment.

I go to the waiting area and tried to sleep there as it was already midnight. Until my hubby informed me that they will be transferred to the ward. They will ride the ambulance, while I? I need to walk and follow where that ambulance goes.

They went to the back part of the hospital where people are limited and no buildings and lights are visible. I was so afraid to walk alone in that dark street but I need to. I'm not sure where the ambulance go but I kept on strolling the path until I saw one ambulance that just parked.

I hope I go to the right place. I wasn't sure if they were there but then I stopped there and sat on the cold cement. There was also a boy that was outside the ward, so I'm comfortable that there was someone with me.

That place looks like an abandoned place. It's dark and few buildings are functioning. So I wasn't at ease in that kind of place. I tried to contact my hubby through messenger but he's not online. I just wait there outside still wondering if they are inside.

Until one nurse asked if I was the runner of the new patient inside. And immediately I stated yes. That's a relief. I now know where they are. But why is she asking? Another nurse stopped her from telling me something. I go back to my sit still having no idea what was happening inside.

Hours have passed, and I'm trying to sleep outside. It's getting cold coz it's already 4 am. The boy stays there with me, he didn't sleep and go back inside. The guard also monitors me. That's a comfort. I feel safe from their kindness.

I tried again to contact my hubby. But he's still offline. Until the boy says goodbye and went inside the ward.

After a few minutes, my hubby goes out crying. He stated that our mom is in critical condition. She can't breathe normally and that makes my hubby agree to some intubation. He's pumping manually since that night without stopping as it's the only way my mother-in-law breathes.

That's the reason he's not online. He can't hold his phone or even take a nap that night. He doesn't have any choice but to pump.

He also stated that he requested me to the nurse if I can go with him inside. He wants to rest a bit, and having me as an alternative to pumping is a great help.

That's the reason why the nurse asks for their runner. But due to protocol, only one person can stay with the patient.

But because of the situation, they allowed me to go with him. It's just I need to quarantine for 14 days. That's fine as we were staying under the same roof.

9 am when we transferred to the ICU main. She's already connected to a ventilator machine that supplies her with oxygen. That's a relief as we don't need to pump manually.

As you can see, they also put some tubes in her nose. That's the only way she can eat. It's so painful to look at her in that situation but that's the only way she can be cured. 😥

Good thing that after transferring to the ICU main, she already got conscious. She's trying to tell us something but due to intubation, we can't understand her. She also doesn't know sign language.

Yes, writing it on paper is the only way she can communicate with us. She's always worried about us if we ate, already sleep, etc. That's a mother's love. Even in that situation, she's thinking of others instead of herself.

After a day, they declared that she need to be separated from other patients who are not covid positive. And we can no longer be allowed to take care of her. Strictly one nurse is assigned to her.

That's the only time, me and my hubby rest and sleep soundly during the night. And the next day we were notified to go home and quarantined for 14 days.

As of now, she's doing okay. She survived the covid-19 virus but took a lot of months to recover.

It's true... Covid is not a joke just what other people look at it. We experienced how dangerous it is, and following protocols strictly is a must.

I hope you learned something from our experience. And praying for your family not to encounter this kind of situation as it's so heartbreaking and stressful.

Disclaimer: All photographs by me, unless otherwise stated.

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Thanks God she survived sis. Ang hirap pala pinagdaanan niyo sis tyaka mother-in-law mo. God is with her sis. God save her. 🙏

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3 months ago

Kaya nga sissy. Kala nga namin talaga di siya makakasurvive. But through prayers, nothing is impossible. It just shows that God answers our prayers. And surely helps us in times of need. 💚

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3 months ago