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How to control your tongue

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1 month ago

Your girlfriend got shocked. Your teacher feels disrespected. Your Mom got angry. And your sister nearly cried.

This was their reaction when you AGAIN open your mouth, speak every word that comes to your mind, without thinking twice and holding yourself back.

You tried to catch your thinking bubble but it flew away that instant.


Can you relate to this scenario? Are you the one who's not thinking before you speak? Or are you the version of those who speak harshly?

Whatever your answer is... Our tongue can be compared to a fire. Which can be the reason to destroy a large forest!

Now, I want you to think of a reason why you speak badly?

Maybe you'll answer... "Because I'm not perfect, and nobody's perfect." Well, you're right. Because we're not perfect we can speak wrong sometimes. Our minds and tongue are both imperfect, so why expect to control them perfectly, right?

What else? What's the reason behind it?

Reasonably, we occasionally speak too much. How many words can you speak in a minute? 100 words? 200? Or maybe 300?  That's exaggerated, right? But speaking too much without the intention to listen can be one of the reasons why we hurt others by words.

So, don't use your tongue too much. Learn to be silent sometimes. Being talkative doesn't mean you're the most knowledgeable person in a room. Sometimes, the silent ones are.

Another one is the sarcastic attitude. Speaking without thinking is like a stab of a sword. So, do you have a sarcastic attitude? It's a behavior in which you speak offensively to underestimate others. These are the persons who always end their sentences with, "I'm just joking!" But it's not funny at all. They tend to embarrass others.

Do you have a person in mind who is known to be a joker but use another person to be a subject? And end up insulting him?

Well, we can all say that that person is sarcastic.

So remember this: Once we uttered a painful word, it's not recoverable.

So, just like the title, "How to control your tongue?"

We all know that controlling our tongue is not that easy. But there are ways that we can try.

For example, there are times when we feel angry, we speak bitter words that we regret after. So if we are in a furious moment, better not to answer back. Our feelings and emotions can change the way we think. So, the moment we're angry, learn to pause for a second. In that way, we can avoid speaking disrespectful words.

Also, learn to be humble. Treat others as if they're superior. In that way, if ever you speak harshly, you can easily say sorry.

Hope this article helps you to... CONTROL YOUR TONGUE. 

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Written by   31
1 month ago
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Sometimes I can't hold my tongue :D But I do my best to not upset anybody or say anything that are hurtful

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3 weeks ago

Well, that's part of our imperfections. The important thing is we're TRYING. 😊

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3 weeks ago

You are right though, thank you :)

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3 weeks ago