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Users and Merchants Building Together on Bitcoin Cash

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2 months ago
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Bitcoin Cash laid the foundation, and we’re building on it

There’s this unique possibilities that unfolds when likeminded individuals comes together as a team; in pursuit of a goal.

That’s exactly the atmosphere we had today during our meetup in South region of Nigeria 🇳🇬 .

I’ve been doing BCH organizational work in some countries of Africa for several months now, and I’m seeing the fruits of my labor. What fruit is that?

It is the fruit of seeing humanity simplifying their way of life; making it better by changing some (norms) that centralized powers has set for more control on the masses.

Control is not totally bad, but what we want see changed are the negative influence that centralized authorities has on masses. Therefore, I count it worthy of a fruit each time I helped people to see the power of Bitcoin Cash in solving monetary and other problems on earth.

Building Bitcoin Cash Communities; A grass-root work that should be encouraged

Young Bitcoin Cash Soldiers

I started with youths and entrepreneurs; bringing them together to form organized Bitcoin Cash communities in many places in the continent of Africa; starting from Nigeria, to South Sudan etc.

Our target 🎯

I’m working with my team to build communities that comprises of both BCH users and Merchants that has this mutual relationship; working together and sharing ideas on the best way to make BCH a preferred money for businesses in each community that we’re found.

That is what formed the base for our meetup few hours ago. From the next paragraph, I’ll share some key plans that we talked about during the meeting.

Each community in Nigeria is unique, and we’re also building unique adoption plans for each of them

He is going intentional with his sport career

Nigeria is doing well in sports, and we’re targeting sport sector in our BCH adoption strategies which is already working perfectly. The young man in view is a talented goalkeeper that followed his career from his childhood. He has played many National games and tournaments 🏟, represented his state in many tournament, and today he came for our BCH users and merchants meetup.

He is now our team member that will help us in achieving our adoption goals in Nigeria 🇳🇬. I’m sure you’ll hear from him soon. So we’re involving entrepreneurs and professionals in different professions that would become our mouthpiece in their fields of specialties.

This is how we’re gradually unfolding and unleashing our grass root adoption plans. We want to build a community of merchants that accepts Bitcoin Cash, as well as users that can patronize them; making it attractive in each place where our teams are located until the whole country adopts Bitcoin Cash as it should.

Making choices in purchase and supply

Our Bitcoin community is organized in such a way that we prioritize our business patronage to BCH merchants eg; I max would first patronize barbers shops that accepts Bitcoin Cash before considering others that doesn’t.

I recently did some renovations in my house, and my choice of laborers were those that accepts Bitcoin Cash. That’s the point. So I don’t need to change my Bitcoin Cash to fiat before I could spend them; rather I could spend them raw because I’ve built a growing community of Bitcoin cash users and merchants.

A quick introduction to participants in our today’s meeting


I’m starting with myself. I’m glad for the opportunity to become the organizer to this movement going on in many communities; youths and entrepreneurs coming together to helping their communities leveraging on Bitcoin Cash potential.

Henry Okoro (standing)

Henry Okoro is a student and also a football coach. He’ll work immensely in bringing to his football team and friends Bitcoin Cash awareness.


Chiazom Genevieve is a medical practitioner and a student. She shares from the vision that Bitcoin Cash should be utilized as a great tool for healing the earth. You can contact her with below link


Loveth Ogochukwu is a profound makeover artist and a student. She’ll be taking Bitcoin Cash to her fashion world; accepting it as borderless money.

Show her some love; yes she’s friendly. Use the link below to her page

David Ugwu

David is critical thinker, a student who believes that he could achieve a lot even as a student. He is young and hard working.
You may reach out to David at using link below

Onyema Christian Ugwu

Ugwu Christian Onyema is business man that deals on precious stones for structures; tiles, marble etc. he once did and excellent tiling job at my house, and accepted Bitcoin Cash from me for payment. Hookup with Christian at

There’re others that time may not permit me to mention, nevertheless, I present to you keeper Bright Aneke.

Bright Aneke

Like I said earlier, Bright is a professional goalkeeper who joined us recently after deriving joy from our vision.

In conclusion.

When there’s a good plan, expect success. The people you’re seeing are full-time BCH adopters; some are users and others merchants. We’re not building a ghost community, we’re real and focused. Remember that you can reach out to any of these wonderful people through their handle.

Thanks for reading this update.

If you like my work, please don’t forget to show some love and encouragement by subscribing to my page, and commenting.

You can as well share some advice and ideas with me; I’ll appreciate them much. Hugs 🤗

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Written by   223
2 months ago
Topics:, Nigeria, Growth, Support, Money, ...
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This is truly amazing Maxdevalue, very soon we will get there. Trust me. Bitcoin Cash is the future.

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2 months ago

How about your snail 🐌 farm?

Can I order for some and pay with BCH?

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2 months ago

Oh yeah. Where is your location

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2 months ago

Enugu State, Nigeria

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2 months ago

I’m hooked with BCH because it’s really working for everyone, the (rich) and the (poor) as well. Down in my community, Bitcoin Cash is being used by unbanked individuals; which is a go for a local economy.

Thanks for coming around Max

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2 months ago

Building local economies is exactly the right way to go. People get jobs, local products are used. You become more independent and less vulnerable to crises. You can't become totally independent, you will always have to buy fuel elsewhere, for example, but you can achieve a certain degree of independence. Bitcoin Cash can serve as a currency in the local community and circulate between people. That's what it's there for.

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2 months ago

You just nailed it! Thanks Telesfor for your expounded comment here. I also appreciate your constant support.

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2 months ago

Local economies. Roots of the ability to balance centralizing powers.

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2 months ago

And achieved, then humans can live more fulfilling life.

Thanks for coming around.

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2 months ago