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Solving life challenging problems in Africa; powered by BCH.

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1 month ago

This is how to write your name in people’s hearts forever!

Name is the greatest gift freely given to humanity to preserve. How well you are able to preserve yours will determine how long you’ll live on earth. I’ve given extensive thoughts on life and it’s purpose, and many revelations has been given to me which I didn’t read from any book. Our lifetime is an opportunity to take a look or possibly make use of the registry that contains the essence of life.

The essence of life to the wise and prudent would be to contribute in solving problems facing humanity, while it’s the opposite to the unwise.

Whatever trajectory one takes will result in one thing; name preservation.

Death only stops us from the process of preserving our names; making them last longer. Death really doesn’t take us away or stops us from existence! We stop existing the day our names are finally erased in the registry.

The registry of life

Some may argue this, but never mind; it’s my opinion. The registry of life is not that Guiness Books Of Record; the main registry of life is the hearts of humans which they can also translate the content by writing them piece of paper, in a blockchain like, in history books etc.

The most desired treasure

Like I’ve said earlier, name is the most expensive commodity in life, it may sound common and free to have, but it takes a lifetime energy to preserve. When you see folks trying to be the best that they could be, one thing should come to mind; they’re trying to preserve their names in the registry of life which is the hearts of humans. How far or how high you’re able to project your name will determine how long you’ll live on the planet (even after physical death of the flesh).

These are answers that life throws back at me as a result of my many questions. The big story is that there’s no reason to hide. We’re created to be as real as possible! Name is the span of real life.

We have equal opportunity from creation to preserve our names, that equal opportunity is the breath of life! Once you still have it coming in and going out your nostrils, then you can go ahead and preserve your name through solving problems created by bad guys in the world.

Maybe it’s a conflict of interest that some are trying to preserve their names through solving problems while others tries to preserve theirs by creating more problems on our planet earth; but either way, this equal opportunity ( the breath of life) doesn’t last forever!

Creating the vibes of life!

Some have desired to be like others, to live like others and to have like others. In those days in my continent Africa, our desire as young men was to run away from Africa; maybe to Europe and America because we thought that those places are safer havens. To some extent, our thoughts could be justified looking at how the political games are being played in those places compared to some African countries.

When I was a child, I think like a child, but now, the reality of life is right at my face telling me to continue with the needful. My life will be a wasted one if I fail to solve a problem facing others irrespective of how little and insignificant my contributions are.

Life in Africa has taught me perseverance, faith, humility, and true love. Now I do not live anymore hiding. Rather I seek to maximize my remaining opportunity trying to positively preserve my name in the hearts of generations to come. I’m never a one man squad ; we’re meant for each other which is why I rather appreciate every opportunity that I have to interact with anyone that comes across my path in this life.

We’re not shortchanged in anyway despite our locations. It doesn’t matter if there’s no one there with you to appreciate what you’re doing, remember, integrity is your ability to do the right thing even when no one is seeing you.

We all are part of nature, our impact shouldn’t be limited to humans alone, we can also help solve problems facing other creations. It’s now a hobby for me to turn any place or my environments into better places than how they were before my presence.

Sometimes I try, and I fail, but I never give up, rather I retreat, relearn and unlearn where possible.

The corroborating forces

This is the spirit behind my water project in Africa. It was a dream that I had, I was incapacitated to carry it out financially, but I was able to conclude it in my mind and inside my brain 🧠

BCH powered water project in my community

I heard about BCH two years ago through brainstorming articles writing by @Koush over his brilliant ideas and projects with BCH. That was the first time I heard that BCH is an open project or rather a limitless opportunity that anyone can lay hold on and enhance. I opened account with after reading and commenting on @Koush articles

He encouraged me so much and supported me, he also shared many wonderful ideas and visions concerning BCH which some of them are BCH-HOUSES, BCHforTress etc. and below are the screenshots of our chats several months ago.

This type of ideas and motivations became my solid foundation to remain with BCH community. But then, there’s this huge challenge that has been with my family, neighborhood and community in general which is no access to potable water supply. This problem has taken many lives and I was determined to solve this problem even though there’s no fund for that.

I discussed it with @Koush and he was so compassionate about our condition in Africa and suggested that I should bring it to the notice of BCH family. That was how I started. I put up a business plan and published it here for the whole world to see. I pushed this and started this project with little funds that I made from my publications. I did this for several months until that fateful day that a savior emerged.

@emergent_reasons is a notable and a beautiful soul in BCH family, known by almost everyone here for his grate ability in reading people articles and supporting them. He has been following my articles and my real life stories.

He witnessed how I lost almost everything in my garden to severe drought in Africa and he decided to help me with irrigation project that will secure potable water for both man vegetation and livestock in my community.

He raised over $3000 in BCH for this project and has continued to support it further with hundreds of dollars worth of BCH in my update article as this.

Someone like you reading this article has written your name in my heart by this act! Please don’t go without a comment to solidify this vibe!

Again, @emergent_reasons @Koush @Telesfor @Test75785 and so many others has written their names in my heart and in the hearts of my family members, my neighborhood and community in general.

The block wall is almost out at ground level

For two weeks now, we’ve been very busy with this project. It’s encouraging seeing it progress in an unprecedented way. Thanks to everyone that has been supporting this project, especially to @emergent_reasons and other BCH family members!

We’ve been spending a lot on this but I’m optimistic that we all will soon celebrate this together.

More sands being purchased for casting of pillars and block work

Over the last two weeks I’ve purchased 14 tons of sharp sands and more 12mm rods

Iron work still going on

Iron bursters are still working, slowly and steady; in confinement to our incoming funds.

Gravel stones is running down almost

This project has consumed about 10 tons of gravels for concrete casting. I’m looking at buying extra 5 tons before the project is concluded. Up to $479 has be utilized within the passed week.

Thanks again for identifying with me, thanks for your great help in solving this potable water problem.

Thank you BCH.


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Written by   159
1 month ago
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Thank you for your update and appreciation.

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1 month ago

You’re welcome my good friend @telesfor

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1 month ago

Beautiful read. thank you very much.

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1 month ago

Thanks 🙏🏽 a lot @koush and thanks for the fund sent

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1 month ago

I will love to read a story and see a full accounting report when your project(s) reach some completion. I think that will help other people to learn how to make a difference like you do. I think many people want to do good things but don't know where to start.

It’s now a hobby for me to turn any place or my environments into better places than how they were before my presence.


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1 month ago

Good request @emergent_reasons. I’ll be glad to provide a detailed report on this. Thanks for your constant supply of funds.

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1 month ago