Can you do this thing from Holy Book?

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2 years ago
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Why should someone love his enemies?

Welcome to my blog friends. I was finding it difficult to believe that I have enemies, not until I found out that the world around me and powers controlling it doesn’t always work in my interest. But does that qualify them as my enemy?

How can I know my enemies?

I’ll love to understand what creates enemies. What and what should I avoid in order to stop creating enemies for myself? Is all my enemies emerged because of my wrong doings?

What about this suggestion from the Holy Book?

Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. [Romans 12:14-16]

I want to believe that if I receive persecution from individuals or government, such individuals and government should be considered my enemy. But here again, the good book is admonishing here that I should bless those people that hurts me. How possible is that, and what prompted this suggestion?

Golden Censer word of the day

I requested for a Bible advice from a smart contract that is established on Telos blockchain called Golden Censer; it’s a smart contract that spreads Bible words on blockchain around the world. All that is needed is to send a wish yo the smart contract with just a token called Heart to the smart contract and receive a wisdom from the Holy Book.

I believe that this word that suggests that we bless those that persecutes us is derived from the attributes of God known forgiveness and love. But is forgiveness promotes peace and respect for one another in this world?

People will rather hurt you the more since they know that that may never react in revenge. But if they know that hurting you may attract a more severe fightback, they may avoid coming your way. But here is a teaching that suggests that you love and bless those that hurts you.

let me have your view on this topic. And remember that there’re other admonition that also found in this this Bible portion which talks about humility, preferring to associate with people of low positions, mourning with those that mourns, rejoicing with those that rejoice, not being proud, and living in harmony with everyone. Well, I’ll love to here from you, to know if you believe in those words.

Can you sincerely say that you’ll continue to bless people who always persecute you?

Thanks for coming around.


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2 years ago
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Hmm... Good read. Let me quote "People will rather hurt you the more since they know that that may never react in revenge. " Experience wise, God hurt them the most that they will forgot of hurting you. God's revenge has its own protective effects. Let them persecute us and our job is really just "talk to God" and bless them. Tell Him your concerns and everything will be just in place. Trust him and just dont go back and start doubting again.

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