Bitcoin Cash is changing my farming experience for better

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2 years ago

Farming is hard especially without modern farming system.

In Africa, farming is a line of business that many people do. In West Africa where I’m writing from, lower class citizens as I myself depends on farm crops much than they depend on their financial capacity.

Farming in some parts of West Africa has many challenges involved. I do farming but in a low key; just for sustenance, for my family and poor neighbors around me.

Going into bigger scale of farming will require good risk management as we’re faced with severe traits coming from many entities like Killer herdsmen, kidnapers, Bokoharam, Bandits, gunmen etc etc ravaging my country presently.

Notwithstanding, against all odds, life must be lived irrespective of how ugly it is.

2021 farming season is here again.

We do rotational farming here due to lack of irrigation system especially in the eastern part of Nigeria where I’m from, therefore most of micro-farmers depends on rainfall for farming. Now that rainy season is almost here, famers are making arrangements for the season.

Voucher for my paid farmlands

I went to farmland vendor to pay for some plots of land for my farming this season. It’s a seasonal hobby that I take seriously considering the fact that many people especially poor folks in my community depends on my farm activities for their own daily bread for the season.

I’ve hired widows that are already clearing my farm lands and from there putting food on the table for their children.

My farm lands being cleared

I’m starting with a hectare of land this season. They will be for cassava, potatoes and corn 🌽 plantation.

Thanks to BCH community for the water project that we’re rounding up now which will help me a lot in my vegetable garden during dry season. I’ll not lose my vegetables to drought again!

My last year cassava farm

This type of cassava can handle drought to a longer period than other species. If you zoom the picture, you’ll notice cracks on the ground as a result of drought and also a sign that my cassava crops are forming tubas inside the ground.

I’m installing water collectors around my entire roof

As my water project is taking shape from the help that I’m receiving from BCH community, I’m also installing plastic water collectors around my entire roof which will collect rain water throughout the rainy season. Those plastic water collectors are imports from USA 🇺🇸 and South Africa 🇿🇦

With my BCH powered irrigation scheme working, my farming experience can never be the same.

Not only that I and my community will have good water to drink, I’ll also have water for my vegetable garden which will guarantee all year round gardening that will supply malnourished children with fresh vegetables 🍅.

Last time that I’ll experience things like this.

I used to experience severe loss on my vegetables garden each year. But 2020/2021 should be the last time I experienced such loss to drought.

I couldn’t rear livestock in those previous years due to scarcity of water, but now, all that has passed for good. I know you’ll like to see my livestock here on I’ve ordered for beautiful species of sheep, chicken and goat 🐐.

I want to use this medium to thank BCH community for their support always. Special thanks to @emergent_reasons for his great support on my water project which the update will come to you very soon. Big thanks to @koush who has helped my in so many ways in this community.

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2 years ago


Wow! You are doing a great job at your BCH water project. I agree that it would really be a big help. Thank you for being so kind hearted that you sustain foods for your poor neighbors

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2 years ago

Yes, my water project is already helping out! It’s almost in a concluding stage. Thanks for your encouragement

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2 years ago

Great work Max! This is exactly what Bitcoin was created for.

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2 years ago

Thanks @PSFoundation. I hope seeing Bitcoin Cash as the world currency.

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2 years ago

Hi Maxdevalue.BCH,

I always enjoy reading your article. I am glad that BCH is helping your community. Farming takes a great deal of work as you have been posting. Your article reminds me of my grandpa working in the farmland every day. Very tenacious person! I hope your land will be fruitful as you wish for! Good luck!! And, thank you for sharing your stories.

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2 years ago

Thanks for reading my articles. I’m glad that the potentials of Bitcoin Cash reaches to all humans; giving power back to people.

I’ll be glad to see you again and again.

Happy International Day of Happiness.

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2 years ago