Learning to Thank, Give and Receive

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Today I will leave you my loose notes about what I have learned from my own experience about thanking, giving and receiving. You may think that I am wrong in the order of these actions but for me it is so....we must be truly grateful beings, to be able to give with true love and be prepared to receive all the good, which obviously will lead you to be grateful and thus maintain that beautiful and infinite circle of love and prosperity in your life.


Maybe I sound repetitive pointing out the importance of being thankful but I will not get tired of writing about it because we human beings take for granted that life owes us something, that God, the Universe, the earth, our parents, our friend, our brother, our neighbor, the government... has the obligation or the duty to give us a gift or to do us a favor.... we believe that because we attend a job and we do our work we "deserve" a better salary.

It is not like that... how wrong we are...we get what we deserve and when we receive it we should be grateful for the little or the much we are receiving because that is what we have "earned" ....

So if you are not happy with what you are receiving right now, start being more grateful and you will see how everything starts to change...I won't tell you that it will be a miraculous change overnight, but I guarantee that your business, your personal, family and love relationships, your finances will start to change and for the better when you thank with love and from the bottom of your heart everything you receive and perceive...

Many people give sincerely without expecting anything in return, not even a "thank you" from you, but for them that is not necessary, it is enough to see the joy or welfare that this action generated because that is the true gratitude that fills them, makes them happy to help, that is why there are true philanthropists who are willing to give and their sources of wealth are not exhausted, because they are worthy of the infinite source of love, peace and prosperity that the Universe has for them.

If you read well the previous paragraph you will have noticed that I use the word thank you and gratitude, because they are not the same in this case, many times we give thanks as a mere social or educational act, but what is really important is to "thank" from the bottom of your heart, with your soul, with your whole being.

Thankfulness does not necessarily have to be verbal, there are thousands of ways to thank in a material and mental way. I will not give you here techniques or methods for that, but I leave you as a task to investigate and practice until you truly learn to be thankful.


If you are going through a financial crisis, at this point you may be asking yourself: what can I give if I am rather to be given?  Let me tell you that we have a lot to give, we do not necessarily give something material, giving can be a service to a community "ad honoren", an act of love that we do with our hands, among others.

Another thing I have learned is that if you give expecting a reward "because if I give too much the universe will give it back to me" you better not do it. Giving should be a true act of love without expecting anything in return.

Something that is necessary to know is that we cannot give what we have left over, I am not saying that you stop eating, that you risk the family budget so that others are well, what I want to make you see is that if you decide to give food to a hungry person, for example, do not give the leftovers, that is like inviting some people to a banquet at your house and the guests eat after you if there are leftovers, in this case at the time of serving you prepare a plate for that person you decided to give to eat. If you get my drift?

Another effective way of giving is to "teach to fish, not to give the fish", this is a true act of love towards the neighbor, in this part I am going to tell you a very intimate story, I have a relative with a bad economic situation that was always asking me to borrow money and the last time I did not give him any, I told him compadre we can not continue like this, I am going to show you one of my sources of income and I am going to show you how to use it, I told him about read.cash and from there he has been able to solve some of his financial issues.


One of the life lessons I had to learn, and am still learning is to recognize and be humble to receive.

Many times we give, give and give and when it is our turn to receive we don't want to receive it or we don't know how to receive it, you have to understand that the world is round and turns, sometimes we are on top and sometimes we are underneath.

What I want to say, the fact that you are in a good position very prosperous does not mean that you should not or do not want to receive help from anyone, that is rather a feeling of arrogance or superiority to others, maybe you are a very literate person, very educated who is always teaching and giving advice but when someone wants to advise you or teach you something you do not accept it, well I have bad news, if you act like that at some point that beautiful circle that I talked about at the beginning of this article will break simply because you do not know how to receive, you are not prepared to do so.

A long time ago a very beloved person whom I had helped a lot wanted to give me a gift and I, knowing that she was going through a very bad economic situation, told her that you should not have bothered, instead of receiving and simply thanking her. I saw her a little sad or disappointed because I was unaware of this act of love that she was doing with me, an act of love that had started a few months ago, because her husband, a truck driver, had done a favor to a lady by giving her a "ride" from the border between Venezuela and Colombia to a city in the central part of Venezuela where she lived, She was coming from Colombia to buy merchandise to sell and in gratitude he gave her a hair dye, he took that to her home but no one needed it there, he was unemployed for a while and thank God I was able to help them while he got a job again.

I open a parenthesis here to tell you that I have my head full of gray hair since I was 30 years old and I have to dye it every 15 days and that really represents a huge expense for me to the point of many times going more than a month without dyeing it, One day my friend asked me... "sister what color dye do you use?" thinking that she wanted to dye it the same way I told her friend: light blond" and I did not inquire more about the reason for her question. In the afternoon she came to my house to "give me" a light blonde hair dye ... Yes that dye that months ago her husband received as a thank you for his good deed was exactly the same color that I used. I did not know all that and knowing her economic situation I felt a little strange and just thought, she should not have made that expense, then she told me the story and said I was waiting for God to show me the right person to thank with that dye. I thanked her with a big hug and her happy face for being able to "give" and make someone happy will never be erased from my mind.

I understood or rather confirmed several things at that moment:

Life is a circle, if you give well, you receive well. Truly everything you give...comes back to you.

If you are given with love you should not question because ssuming that she had bought the dye, I should still feel grateful for her act of love, because "There is more humility in receiving than in giving".

I understood that sometimes Life will help you, maybe you have been asking for help, and Life will move, but it will not necessarily help you as you want it to help you or through whom you want it to help you.

At that moment I put aside my pride of self-sufficiency and opened myself to receive in gratitude and love.

Most of us are asking Life, God, the Universe, asking for love, guidance, help, money, support, health, peace, harmony, opulence, prosperity, wisdom. But are we willing to receive, once we ask? Sometimes our pride prevents us from receiving, yet it is time to open yourself to receive from life.

Have you been invited to lunch? Give thanks and receive.

Were you complimented? Give thanks and receive.

Did they want to give you a gift? Give thanks and receive.

Do they want to pay you something? Give thanks and receive.

Do they want to help or support you? Give thanks and receive.

Become humble enough now to recognize the Hand of God through others.

When you see them as channels in service to the One Source, it will become easier and more comfortable for you to receive.

I hope you find my loose notes on thanking, giving and receiving helpful.

It is time to receive from life.

Be grateful, give and receive.

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