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Beauty of singleness

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1 year ago

The word single is associated with a class of adolescent between the age bracket of 18 and above who are yet to get married. The challenges are enormous especially in the area of who or who not to Marry.

Divorce in some parts of the world is growing at an alarming rate all because of wrong choices in marriage. But divorce is never in the dictionary of God.

Who is a single?

Somebody who has attained a marriageable age and is yet to be married @Pichi28.

Somebody who is without any marital relationship with the opposite sex.

Somebody who is in the period of waiting on God for his leading on whom to Marry.

An adult who is yet to make up his mind on whom to Marry.

A male or female who is between the age of 18 and above without a "help meet" in his or her life.

Status of the single.

Singles can be classified using the following parameters:

Marriageable age

This is important to note. It is only in America and Europe you can see people getting legally married below 18 years of age. I heard about ba woman who became grandmother at the age of 28. She gave birth at the age of 13 and the daughter gave birth at the age of 15. A person is officially single when he/ she is in the marriageable age bracket.

Educational status

This is also an important determinant of a true single. He/she has to be either a graduate or undergraduate, except otherwise indicated. Because intellectual maturity is as important in our own part of the world as the surname of the person in question, @dziefem nobody is willing to share the rest of is life time with a liability.

Physical status

The physical appearance of the single is equally important. All the features of puberty must be present before attraction from opposite sex comes rolling in. Physical status @tired_momma is not in size, height, complexion, intonation, e.t.c. but in the manifestation of puberty signs.

Mental status

This is also very important. A person's sharp mind, articulacy , wisdom, and intelligence will surely add weight to his class as a single.

Emotional status

A single must be firm and controllable, bold and flexible, stable and emotionally unshakable.

Financial status

One of the major features of courtship is the ability of both partners to give @Eunoia A single must be a worker who is able to sustain his/herself and to be able to afford reasonable request from spouse.

Spiritual status

This is the most important status of a single. Spiritual here don't really mean a specific religion he might be a Christian or Muslim any form of religion all that matters is that the person is a true worshipper and have the fear of God and always seek the face of God before taking any decisions@eu.

Single is also a time of freedom this is a time to express ones freedom and enjoy one's self. It is the time we are able to take decisions without anyone interference. But caution must be applied in this area so that our liberty will not become an occasion for misconduct.

It is a time to develop and grow another benefit of being single is the opportunity to grow and mature. Become a Man.

It is a time to make proper preparations for the future, time to dream time to venture into something that will benefit you, when you arrive is a time to make proper preparations for the future @Princessbusayo.


The stage of being single should be pay attention to because it's the foundation on which we are going to build on as it's normally say "if the foundation has been destroyed what shall the righteous do" our foundation is a time to prepare for the future and make proper plan for the future.

Thanks for reading.

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Written by   8
1 year ago
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i love the freedom my being single gives me.. :D

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1 year ago

Personally I think our practical life starts at the age of 20 so we should spend some time to build our future strong instead of heading towards marriage.Being a single is a life free from any kind of trauma lol

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1 year ago

Marriage is for man and not for Boys, because we must be prepared.

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1 year ago

You are right... The more the delay the more time waisted, most especially ladies .

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1 year ago

As the age of marriage increases, people become more selective. The beauties of being single do not end with counting, but after a certain age, there may be an adverse situation. Yes, celibacy is fine, but only up to a year. I think this ideal age for me is 30s for men and 28s for women.

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1 year ago