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Do You Trust Your Intuition?

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2 years ago

Do you believe in your intuition? Do you wonder why you have that instinct?

Gut instinct or intuition is a feeling that you know something might happen. Sometimes you might feel weird movements. They say trust your intuition because they send you signal to keep you away from bad things. Maybe it will appear when you are lost and your intuition tells you this might be the correct way. In our daily life we have endless though not only about ourselves but even thoughts to the world. From the saying of older people, listen to your Intuition because it is truly the best for you.

Sometimes our intuition tests how much we trust ourselves. This is given to us naturally to have awareness of something. Sometimes they are the star that tells the right path. But we humans are full of uncertainty and that is why we don't fully trust our intuition. There is always a doubt in everything we do. Sometimes we need evidence because to us, intuition is not always enough. Always remember our intuition is there to give us aware of the things around us.

Some people think that their intuition is not that accurate enough. Maybe a website they are visiting who lacks a lot of needed info. But just like the website, we can find ways to upgrade it for a better experience. If you are wondering how you can make use of your intuition then there are some quite few tactics that if you worked so hard will paid off.

The first key to have a better intuition is through meditation. Meditating gives you time to rethink and listen to your inner spirit. This is a important step to make your intuition sharp than ever. Just meditate. People also find that their intuition become active once they become creative. There are so many ways to become creative if you don't know how to start one. If you like painting then go start painting and open up your senses. If you like writing then go start writing and open your mind. These are just one of the basic thing that if you do makes you creative and thus sharpens your intuition to think.

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When our intuition starts, we always have these two things. "This feels so right," or"No, this isn't true."

You might think, how intuition can be the sense of knowing and right decision. The truth is our intuition is always there, always. Sometimes our intuition can lead us to tough debate within ourselves. Like a question Yes or No.

Do you know that Science has evidence about our intuition?

Studies found that the intuitive part of the human brain knows the right answer long before the more analytic part.

If you have heard about, Your intuition is always correct! Yes that could be true. The truth is every person has intuition but not everyone listens to it.

Intuition is the way the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. The feeling that tells you it's real is actually real. We human are blessed to have this ability, to feel intuition towards things.

There people whose intuition are exceptions, we call them 'highly intuitive' people. They always get a close touch to thei intuitions and for most of the time they listen to it. Often, people call them with sixth sense abilities. It is a great power of listening to your deep level. Listening to yourself and no other than. Allowing to open your heart with consequences. A sensory and emotional experience. It is a kind of ability that we all can develop through times, only if you let yourself to.

Listen to your inner voice. If you take the time to believe that your intuition is valid just like everything else and a different from opinion then it will be visible and concrete to you to achieve this ability that not everyone is paying attention now. Once our intuition starts to speak in our inner sense then we need to start listening.

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Written by   37
2 years ago
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