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Do You Know About The Benefits of Collagen?

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2 years ago

Have you heard about collagen or do you have any little idea about it?

Collagen is beneficial to our joints, heart, guts, brain and most of of all to our skin. In fact, collagen is the most protein that is found in our body. This does its job by sending signal to our cells in order to heal the damages and provides function to our bones and organs.

Sadly, when we get older our collagen decrease. This effect can be seen as how our skin seems to show aging and the nutrients are cannot be absorb properly anymore. In order to fight this decrease, some people are taking collagen supplements in order to replenish the lose collagen as we get older. Not only it is found in supplements but even in skincare as well.

Collagen For The Skin

Collagen is proven to hydrate our skin. It has the ability to minimize fine lines in our skin and the ability to reduce stretch marks in our body. Studies also found that it can also promote hair growth. Collagen is found as the best natural anti-aging. Taking more enough collagen will keep your skin hydrated. Studies found that taking collagen makes our gut absorbs it easily and sends it through joints towards our skin.

Collagen For The Brain

Studies found that collagen has the ability to fight Alzheimer's disease. This is because of the nutrient Amyloid-beta that can protect our neurons from getting Alzheimer's disease. Our neurons in the brain are also rich in collagen and that is why we need more in order to keep it functioning.

Collagen For The Heart

Collagen is proven to lessen cholesterol and keeps our heart away from heart disease. It is because collagen can prevent the build up of plague in arteries. If the plague happens, our heart cannot pump blood anymore to supply our organs which can lead into heart attack and stroke.

Collagen For The Gut

Research found that taking collagen supplement while having irritable bowel syndrome can make the situation better. It is because collagen can help in repairing the damage intestinal lining.

Collagen For Joint And Knee

There is always a time in our life where we experienced sudden joint pain. It is found that collagen can provide a relief for this. It can reduced the pain and can slow down joint deterioration as we get older.

Collagen For The Back

I know a lot of you may be suffering from back pain due to your job or what causes it is. It is found that a 1,200 milligrams of collagen can help and support back pain after taking the supplement daily.

What Are the Foods Rich In Collagen?

Bone broth is a rich source of collagen and it is mostly found in the chicken, beef and the broths from the bones of other animals. It can also be found in the eggs. The white of an egg are amino acids that are rich in collagen. Fresh citrus are also source of collagen. It has higher level of Vitamin C that helps in production of collagen in our body. Broccoli, who is know for a lot of its Vitamin C is another source of collagen as well. Don't also forget to eat leafy greens as they are filled with vitamin c as well that can help boost collagen in our body. Nuts on the other hand, is also rich in collagen as well as it is filled with so much protein including zinc.

Collagen is essential for our body to supply our body tissues structure, toughness, rigidity and texture. It also make our skin elastic. When collagen decreases, our body seems to show fine lines including wrinkles. There will also be wearing of joints and experiencing joint pains. Collagen is overall beneficial to our life, not only in our skin but in our whole body as well.

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Written by   37
2 years ago
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