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Different Beauty Standards Across The World

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2 years ago

How do you define beauty? How do you see someone's beauty physically? They say beauty is subjective and it depends on the eye of the beholder. One can be the prettiest in the eye of one person and also one can be the ugliest in the eye of one person as well.

The truth is that there is different standards of beauty in this world and across the world. When we try to look at the physical appearance, there is no specific way to tell someone is beautiful and you expect the world to agree with you because most probably, the others doesn't see it the way you do. So many cultures around the world who has different perceptions of beauty and you cannot judge them nor they can judge you as to how you define beauty in this world.

Now, let's take a look of different beauty standards and perceptions of different countries and why this is beautiful to them.

Korean Beauty

Korean likes to be porcelain in skin. Having a pale and flawless skin is beautiful. Having an enhanced eyes to look larger and a small chin is beautiful. Double eyelids are beautiful because it makes your eyes appear rounder and bigger. Now, to enhance this quality Koreans have done a lot of surgeries that actually change their looks!

If you do not know, South Korea is known and famous for it's high quality cosmetic surgery. Some people would spend a huge amount of money just to go with the trend and become satisfied with their appearance. One of the most well done surgery is their eyelids to make their appears bigger and rounder.

American Beauty

Americans like to have smoky eyes with intense lips and contour appearance. Contrary to Koreans who stay out of shade to have a pale skin, Americans like their skin to appear tanning whenever they go out. They like to have a full lips and most of all bigger breast and butt with very thin waist. They also like to wear heavy make-up. An overly groomed brows are beautiful and wearing more revealing clothes will make a person more beautiful.

East African Beauty

Africans like to stretch their earlobe and wear beaded earrings. They sometimes wear stones, bones and wood. Not only it make them beautiful but for them it is seen as a symbol of wisdom and respect. Sometimes they used more huge piercings to elaborate more the earlobes. They like putting a lot of jewelries to their bodies. Piercings, colorful bracelets and necklace. Having more beads will make a woman more beautiful. Sometimes they are worn in cartilage.

Latin American Beauty

Latinas doesn't want to gain so much meat on their bones. They like to emphasize the curvy forms. Sometimes they undergone breasts augmentations. Just like in America, they also like to have lifted and big butts.

French Beauty

French people are different, for them the purpose of wearing make-up is to make yourself a little bit more beautiful but not to alter you whole appearance and change it into not you anymore. They believe in the AU-Naturel where you don't have to change your appearance and be confident in showing your bare face to the world.

Always remember that you are beautiful in your own ways and you just to have to look and appreciate it. Everyone is unique and everyone has different standards of beauty so learn to appreciate yours. We are all beautiful creatures in this world. Be unique and learn to appreciate yourself that you are special too. Be confident in your own beauty and you will find who you are. There's no need to hide and change it, you are beautiful in your own ways.

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Written by   37
2 years ago
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